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Farm fire units could be used strategically to help Country Fire Service

Dr Bradley Smith

Certified farm fire units could be used in a strategic way to help Country Fire Service personnel understand the needs of farmers.

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  • Professor Scott Bowman CQUni VC appointed to Northern Australia Advisory Group

    CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor Professor Scott Bowman has been appointed as a new member of the Northern Australia Advisory Group.

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CQUniversity Engaged

Educators embrace MASK-ED, debate use of silicone 'private parts' for health simulations

Professor Kerry Reid-Searl

Australia's growing band of 'masked educators' are staging a novel debate, with a conference session titled 'Should I Be Showing My Bits?'.

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Comprehensive CQUniversity: Our Story

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CQUniversity CQ TAFE Merger: Messages of Support

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/ Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-op)

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