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The world turns to Rocky for advice on high-tech fruit sorting

Professor Kerry Walsh

Researchers the world over have been looking to CQUniversity for best practice in use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) for sorting of fruit.

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  • Sonography student Belinda Alfonso at CQUniversity Brisbane Her own baby scan scare averted, Gold Coast mum aspires to become sonographer

    During her first pregnancy Belinda Alfonso had the 'overwhelming' experience of finding that her baby had a hole in his heart due to a condition known as Ventricular septal defect (VSD).

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Silicone puppet can help children and nursing students understand hospital procedures

Puppet thumbnail

'Tommy Richie' is a cutting-edge puppet who can not only handle tubes and needles. Because he's made of silicone he can be wiped down to avoid cross infection.

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Comprehensive CQUniversity: Our Story

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CQUniversity CQ TAFE Merger: Messages of Support

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Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences

Step up to a career in exercise and sports science. Choose to gain a qualification that will give you great exposure to real workplace practices and ensure you are work-ready upon graduation. ...more »