Student Stories

Everyone has a story. At CQUniversity we take the time to get to know our students so that we can help them on their journey to be who they want to be. With the right support and flexibility, access to facilities and services around the country, plus the motivation to achieve, university can be for everyone – no matter where you come from, or your background.

We See You


We see you.

Working hard, juggling, dreaming, climbing.

We see your ambition, your dedication.

We see you gaining confidence in our spaces and on our screens.

Yeah, we see you!

Doing more and going further.

With CQUniversity Australia, it's time to be what you want to be.

  • ROK SHAYE BYRNE 004.jpg
    To anybody considering studying at CQUniversity I would say, hands down, consider it, enrol, start. It is a brilliant university and it will set you up for a great career.

    Shaye Byrne

    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-op Engineering)