Citizenship and Residency Status Changes

It is important that your correct citizenship and residency status be recorded as this will affect:

  • access and entitlement to Commonwealth support and Commonwealth assistance
  • eligibility for and access to HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, SA-HELP and OS-HELP assistance
  • fees calculated for your enrolment

To check the status recorded for you, log in to the MyCQU Student Portal and navigate to the You view.

If the recorded citizenship status is incorrect, you will need to provide proof of citizenship/residency before any amendment can be made. Proof of citizenship/residency includes certified true and correct copies of any of the following documents:

  • full Australian birth certificate issued prior to 20 August 1986
  • Australian passport
  • Australian citizenship certificate*
  • documents that prove you are an Australian citizen by descent*
  • a Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status issued by the (former) Australian Department of Immigration (NOTE: these certificates are no longer issued)
  • Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) entitlement details issued by the Department of Home Affairs
  • ImmiCard
  • the title page and any Australian visa stamps from your passport that was issued by a country other than Australia

*You can find further details about these documents on the Australian Government Citizenship website.

NOTE: If your name has changed since your document was issued, you will also need to supply a certified true and correct copy of the document showing your name change.

If your status is incorrect, you should send proof of your citizenship/residency to Student Fees or mail to:

Student Central
Building 2
Bruce Highway
Rockhampton QLD 4702

Tuition Fees for domestic students are reviewed annually and can increase from year to year. You will be charged each term the rate applicable in that term. In some cases, you may pay more as a domestic student than the fees you were paying as an international student. In addition, you will become ineligible for any Scholarship awarded only to international students, e.g. the Vice Chancellor's Scholarship.

Some students who change status from international to domestic may be eligible for a Commonwealth supported rather than a full fee paying place. Once you have provided proof of the change to your status your details will be updated and Student Governance will advise you of your options.

Students who have attended a citizenship ceremony and who are in possession of their Australian citizenship certificate may be eligible for FEE-HELP, SA-HELP, OS-HELP, or HECS-HELP. Once you have provided proof of the change to your status your details will be updated and Student Governance will advise you of your options.

Students who are New Zealand citizens and who become permanent residents of Australia must update their status with CQUniversity.  Some students will experience no impact as a result of this change.  Others, however, will be impacted.  For example, holders of the Special Category Visa (SCV) who were eligible for HELP assistance (HECS, FEE, SA, or OS-HELP) will no longer be eligible.