Do's and Don'ts for winning your case

Stay calm and polite at all times when dealing with University staff.Don't focus on personalities, rather than the facts of your case. Don't fly off the handle, scream, shout, cry or offer threats, insults or abuse to University staff. They are only trying to do their job.
Gather all your facts together, in chronological sequence, e.g. "On dd/mm/yy, I spoke to Joe Bloggs, Program Administrator at XYZ campus. One week later, on dd/mm/yy I spoke to his assistant, Jane Citizen..."Don't offer vague, generalised statements. e.g. "I spoke to lots of people but none of them helped me". "Weeks later, my friend told me..."
Back up phone chats or interviews with a confirming e-mail to the staff member concerned. Save a copy of your e-mail (and any replies) for your records. Be prepared to forward these to the Student Association, University staff or my Office, on request. Don't rely on phone calls or personal conversations alone for action to resolve your case. Such things are easily forgotten. 
Request a meeting at a time and place that is mutually convenient to you and the University staff member concerned, to discuss your case. Don't rely on casual meetings or hurried conversations on the footpath or elsewhere for action to resolve your case. 
Take your case to the Student Association immediately after a first informal meeting with University staff has failed to resolve your concerns. They are skilled at presenting your case to your best advantage. Don't try to fight your case by yourself. You may well be your own worst enemy.
Make sure you provide enough detail so that staff can understand the context and significance of your concern.Don’t expect all staff to know everything about every course and every unit.