Academic Concerns

For most academic issues, you should begin to resolve concerns by talking with your Unit Coordinator. Also useful are the Academic Liaison officers in each school. Email with your concern. If you feel you aren’t finding solutions, you can contact the Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching for your school.
This Australian Government page can help you seek external help if you aren't able to resolve your problem within the University.


If your grade has not been released after certification date, first check MyCQU to see if you have any outstanding debts to the University. If you don’t have any debts, then:

  • if you are a student on an Australian International campus, or on an overseas site, go immediately to the Faculty Office at your site;
  • if you are doing online study or at a Queensland campus, email your Unit Coordinator.

If you still have problems, forward your original email to your Head of School or Head of Course.
If, however, you think you may have a computer problem, email, or visit the Client Service Centre at your campus.

You may have grounds for a Review of Grade. It’s important to check the Review of Grade Procedure.

Note that you need to ask your Unit Coordinator for an informal consultation about your grade within 2 working days of the release of grades, and submit your application for the Review within 10 days of certification of grades. See the Review of Grade Procedure for details of your responsibilities and the timeline.

Also note the appropriate grounds for the Review. You need to complete and submit the correct form.

Student Advocacy
can help with your application.

If you are studying with a CQUniversity partner company on an overseas site, go to Student Services or your Course Consultant at your site.

It is your right to see your assignment/exam papers in a timely fashion. Contact me using the Student Ombudsman Contact Form or email all details to

Check MyCQU > My Study > Manage My Course > Request a Report > Request an Exam Timetable.

Domestic students can ask for help using this e-form.

International students should visit Campus Reception and contact the Manager, Student Administration.

This instruction sheet may help you.

Here are additional instruction and information sheets that may also be helpful.

Re-enrol now, but if you pass the unit in which you are having the exam, make sure you withdraw before Census Date – otherwise you will be liable to pay for the repeated unit.

Talk with your placement officer, and/or your unit coordinator.

Try to sort out the issue with the Academic Pathways team, by emailing or calling 13 27 86.

Be aware that, during busy periods, it might take some time for them to reply.
You can also contact the Academic Liaison officer in your school and they may be able to help you resolve the issue (find out who the Academic Liaison is by emailing

You will probably find the answer on the academic transcript page.

First, try to resolve the issue by talking with your supervisor(s).

If that doesn’t work – or if you feel uncomfortable about doing that – then please contact the School of Graduate Research by emailing For confidential/particularly sensitive queries, students are welcome to contact the School’s Manager, Kath Milostic ( or Dean Susan Kinnear (

If you are in the first year of your studies, contact the Academic Learning Centre (ALC). If you are in a higher year, ask a Unit Coordinator for a referral. The ALC also has Moodle sites for specific discipline areas and even for individual units, and they hold workshops in term time. With those options, you should be able to find support that fits your schedule and learning style.

If you are a student at the Rockhampton North, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne campus, go to the Language Centre.