Contact The Ombudsman

If you’re thinking about contacting the Student Ombudsman, you are obviously experiencing something upsetting or distressing.

But is the Student Ombudsman the best person for you to contact?

There are limits to the Student Ombudsman’s authority, and the main responsibility of the role is to review, in an impartial and objective way, whether University policy and procedure have been properly applied.

This means it’s important that you’ve tried to resolve your issue before contacting the Student Ombudsman.

Here are some suggestions for ways to approach your concerns so that you get to the right person as quickly as possible. However, I will also help with suggestions if your case is outside of my areas of responsibility, and will aim to let you know your next step within two working days.

For advice on University services and support, you can also look up CQUniversity’s Essential Student Guide.

It’s also often helpful to check the relevant University policy or procedure. There are links to some of the most useful documents on our Policy Links page.

If you have already explored the avenues suggested for your concern(s), fill out the Student Ombudsman Contact form.

Please note that all formal complaints or concerns must be in writing.