Accommodation Handbook

Welcome to the CQUniversity Student Residence Community

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For most residents, living on campus is a time when you are moving towards independence and I hope that we can offer you the freedom and opportunities to achieve this. By accepting your housing offer to live at CQUniversity’s student accommodation you have agreed to comply with this Accommodation Handbook, the Res Community Standards we all live by.

Living on campus is an exciting experience. It can also be challenging as life in a community inevitably means that you must modify your behaviour so it will not negatively impact those who live and learn around you. You can expect to make friendships that last a lifetime while you enjoy many cultural and social activities within Res and the local community.

The rules and regulations within Student Residences have been minimised deliberately because we believe when Residents are considerate of others, it will result in sensible and responsible behaviour. Our professional staff and residential leaders will guide you through your college years so that you enjoy a home that is safe, secure, comfortable and supportive of your academic pursuits and personal growth.

Please have heaps of fun and huge success in your studies and we look forward to you joining us.

Mark Williams
General Manager
CQU Student Residences