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Prospective students


Exploring your education and training options can seem overwhelming, but from your first enquiry to your first class, CQUniversity is alongside you every step of the way. We are committed to providing you with transparency in admissions so you can find the information you need at the different stages of your journey to studying with CQUniversity.

There is no such thing as the "best university", just the best university for you. Meet our Vice Chancellor and President Professor Scott Bowman, and find out what makes us a great.

Our guide to Uni Speak includes commonly used terminology to help you navigate "uni-speak" with ease.

When you're ready to start your journey, follow this step-by-step process to keep you on track.


There is a lot of information to consider when deciding what and where to study. Here are some helpful links:


CQUniversity has student residences available at CQUniversity Mackay and Rockhampton.

Career advice

To explore information and advice on careers choices visit CQUni Careers.

Costs and Financial Support

The cost of a course varies depending on what you are studying.

You may also need to factor in costs such as living expenses, stationery, textbooks and equipment such as safety glasses, laboratory coats, gym clothes or a uniform.

The Australian Government offers a number of financial support programs including VET FEE-HELP, HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and OS-HELP to support you while studying.

For other useful information about managing the cost of university visit:

Course options

Course options

To find out more information on CQUniversity

  • Browse or search our course listings for the course that meets your needs
  • Call our Student Advice team on 132786
  • Drop into one of our locations' receptions during office hours
  • Attend a CQUniversity open day, we have events at our numerous locations.
  • See us at a careers market. Visit our event calendar to find an event near you.
  • Investigate if the STEPS preparatory course is the pathway you should take towards studying for a Higher Education or VET qualification.

All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships to help manage the cost of university.

Student profile

As part of CQUniverity's commitment to transparency in admissions the information about our commencing undergraduate students cohort from term 1 2017 is provided below.


  • CQUniversity Student profile is available here
  • Brisbane campus student profile by course is available here
  • Bundaberg campus student profile by course is available here
  • Cairns campus student profile by course is available here
  • Distance student profile by course is available here
  • Emerald campus student profile by course is available here
  • Gladstone campus student profile by course is available here
  • Mackay campus student profile by course is available here
  • Melbourne campus student profile by course is available here
  • Noosa campus student profile by course is available here
  • Rockhampton campus student profile by course is available here
  • Sydney campus student profile by course is available here
  • Townsville campus student profile by course is available here


  • OP/ATAR Profile is available here
Quality Indicators

The quality indicators for learning and teaching (QILT) are a useful resource for researching your course.


Now you are ready to move to application ,check out the links for key dates as well as instructions on how to apply.

Admission Considerations

Indigenous Support

During the application process you will be asked to nominate if you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin. If you indicate this indigenous status, the Office of Indigenous Engagement will be advised, so that they can make contact with you to make you aware of the support you will receive as an indigenous student with CQUniversity.

If you are not ready yet to apply for a course and would like to participate in a preparatory program designed specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students ,then consider our Tertiary Entry Program (TEP).

English Language Proficiency

In addition to academic requirements, international students or domestic students born outside of selected countries* are required to demonstrate an acceptable level of competency in written, reading, speaking and understanding English. English Language Proficiency(ELP) is required regardless of citizenship status. There are varying levels of ELP applied to CQUniversity courses, to determine the requirements for the course you are interested in visit our ELP list here.

*Selected countries include Australia,Canada,New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa(excluding all Bachelor of Education and Master of Teaching courses) or the United States of America.

Domestic Applicants with Overseas Qualifications

Domestic applicants who are relying on qualifications gained overseas to meet course entry requirements must have that qualification validated for it to be used in the assessment process. Overseas qualification must be deemed by the Australian Education International Office of Overseas Recognition (AEI_NOOSR) to be equivalent to Australian qualifications in order to be considered by a Tertiary Admissions Centre and CQUniversity.

Elite Athlete Friendly University Network

CQUniversity is a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network. Under this arrangement CQUniversity students who are recognised as elite athletes are provided with the assistance they need at university, so they can meet both their educational and sporting commitments. To find out more information on this policy visit here.

Application Process

How to Apply

The application process depends on whether you are a domestic or international student, your educational background and the level of education or training you wish to pursue as well as where you live.

Prospective undergraduate students submit applications through the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC) for the state in which you live .The TAC will assess the application on behalf of CQUniversity. Applications via a Tertiary Admissions Centre allow you to submit multiple preferences for courses to study and you will receive an offer for the highest preference that satisfies our entry requirements. The Tertiary Admission Centre will communicate the outcome of your application to you.

Postgraduate and TAFE students apply direct to CQUniversity via our online portal. CQUniversity will advise you the outcome of your application once it has been assessed.

Entry Requirements

Assessment of Applications to study with CQUniversity are assessed in accordance with the Admission to CQUniversity Coursework Courses Policy and Procedure. Criteria for assessment involves meeting specific application requirements for the course you wish to study and these details are documented under entry requirements, on our course pages. There may be a English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement for the course you wish to study. If this is the case it will be noted under entry requirements on the web page for the course you are considering studying.

Timing of Offers

CQUniversity makes year round offers for most courses. Term 1 offers will take place between August and February, Term 2 offers will occur between March and June and Term 3 offers between August and October. Applications and enrolments for most VET courses are open throughout the year. Check the course web page to identify when a course is available and applications are open.

Key Application Dates


Depending on where you live you will apply through one of the following Tertiary Admission Centres. Key dates for application for admission are as follows:

  • Queensland - Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre- QTAC
  • New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory – University Admissions Centre- UAC
  • Victoria - Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre - VTAC
  • South Australia & Northern Territory - South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre SATAC
  • Western Australia - Apply WA opens on 23 August 2017 for applications for Term 3, 2017 and Term 1, 2018.

Postgraduate (Coursework)

Closing dates for application to CQUniversity courses are:

  • Term 3 2017 Postgraduate Coursework applications - 23rd October 2017
  • Term 1 2018 Postgraduate Coursework applications 16th February 2018
  • Term 2 2018 Postgraduate Coursework applications 29th June 2018


Your application is considered and if it meets our entry requirements an offer will be issued. Here is some information relevant to assessment of your application.

Accepting Offers

If the outcome of your assessment is successful, an offer will be sent to the email account listed on your application. For help responding to an offer, visit Enrolment Made Easy. Depending on the course you are offered you may have the option to defer your commencement. Should you wish to defer, see the Deferring Offers section below to determine if you are eligible and how to do so. An offer may be made subject to conditions. These will be listed within the offer email. If you were made a conditional offer, you should still accept and enrol in your units. Conditions must be met by the date indicated on the offer or the offer will be cancelled.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment of Undergraduate Applications

Undergraduate applications submitted with the Tertiary Admission Centre are assessed by the TAC on behalf of CQUniversity. Assessment is based on satisfaction of English Language Proficiency requirements; achievement of Selection Rank standards including evaluation of OP or ATAR scores; satisfaction of any prerequisite requirements which may include but is not limited to senior subjects, auditions ,previous qualifications or statements of intent and then evaluation of any adjustment factors such as regional or equity schemes. Admission to courses is a competitive process and offers are made based on merit of performance in meeting the entry requirements of a course and the number of places that are available in that course. In some instances applicants will satisfy the entry requirements but will not receive an offer as there are more qualified applicants than available places.

Adjustment Schemes for Undergraduate Applicants

Adjustment factors that CQUniversity take into consideration in assessing a applicants Selection Rank are regional or equity based. These schemes are applicable to all undergraduate courses except for the Bachelor of Education courses.

The regional adjustment scheme recognises that applicants from regional and remote Australia may not always have the same opportunities as applicants from capital cities. The Regional Bonus Scheme is currently administered through the Tertiary Admissions Centres (QTAC, UAC, UAC-ApplyWA, VTAC, SATAC)and is open to applicants who currently reside outside an Australian capital city. If you meet this criteria you will automatically receive an adjustment equivalent to one OP position or two ATAR positions or two selection rank improvements.

CQUniversity’s Equity Schemes are designed for prospective students who may have experienced difficult circumstances that have adversely impacted on previous or current studies. To be considered for the bonuses applicants are to apply individually to their relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC, UAC, UAC-ApplyWA, VTAC, SATAC) for confidential assessment of their circumstances by Specialist Assessors. Overall bonuses are capped at a maximum of five OP positions or ten ATAR positions or 10 selection rank improvements from these schemes.

CQUniversity does not apply bonuses to an applicants selection rank for Elite Athlete status. However CQUniversity does participate in the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network.Details on that policy is available here.

Assessment of Postgraduate Applications

Postgraduate applications area assessed against the stated entry requirements criteria for a respective course. Applicants must satisfy all entry requirements to receive an offer so attention must be given to providing all the necessary documentation to accompany your application. Admission to courses is a competitive process and offers are made based on merit of performance in meeting the entry requirements of a course and the number of places that are available in that course. In some instances applicants will satisfy the entry requirements but will not receive an offer as there are more qualified applicants than available places.

Age of Applicants

Applicants to undergraduate courses (excluding the SUN program) who are under 17 years of age as at 1 November for the Term 3 admission period, 31 January for the Term 1 admission period or 1 July for the Term 2 admission period, who do not have a completed Year 12 qualification may only be considered for admission if their qualifications and level of attainment are acceptable to the Manager, Student Admissions and Advice.

Appealing Offers

If you are unsuccessful in your application and believe the University failed to properly assess your credentials for entry to a specific course than you can seek a review of your case by contacting Student Admissions and Advice Centre on 132786. Your request will be assessed in accordance with the Admission to CQUniversity Coursework Courses Policy and Procedure.

Deferring Offers

The following courses are not available for deferment:


  • CV69 - Bachelor of Echocardiography and Cardiac Physiology and Graduate Diploma of Echocardiography
  • CG92 - Bachelor of Medical Imaging
  • CG91 - Bachelor of Medical Sonography and Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography
  • CK30 - Bachelor of Midwifery(Graduate Entry)
  • CB84 - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
  • CB29 - Bachelor of Oral Health
  • CB85 - Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
  • CB86 - Bachelor of Podiatry Practice (Honours)
  • CC42 - Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
  • CG84 - Bachelor of Science (Honours)
  • CB87 - Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)


  • CC70 - Graduate Diploma of Paramedic Science (Critical Care)
  • CC71 - Master of Clinical Chiropractic
  • CG17 - Master of Clinical Psychology
  • CC45 - Master of Teaching (Primary)
  • CL05 - Master of Teaching (Secondary)

If your course is not on the above course list it is available for deferment and details on the deferment process is available here.


You have accepted your offer into a course and are now you are ready to enrol in units that make up your course.

Enrol in Units

The next step after accepting your offer is to enrol. Our enrolment made easy page will guide you through the necessary steps in selecting units to enrol in.

Credit transfer

If you have already completed study or work experience relevant to the course you have enrolled in, you may be eligible for credit transfer.

New Student resources

Once you have enrolled you now have access to lots of resources as a CQUniversity student. The New Student page provides lots of useful information to support you with your studies.


As a student at CQUniversity you will have access to a range of support services to help you reach your academic goals, enjoy your study experience and grow professionally and personally.

Academic Learning Centre

The Academic Learning Centre is a one-stop-shop for information, support, advice and resources related to many of the academic writing, mathematics, science and computing requirements of study.


CQUGlobal outbound allows our students to live and study in another country . This wonderful opportunity is worth checking out.

Indigenous engagement

CQUniversity Australia's Office of Indigenous Engagement provides teaching, research and support activities to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.


Orientation is a great way to become familiar with all the things you need to know to make your study successful.

Student experience

CQUniversity's focus on student experience ensures that you will be well supported on your journey. Services include Orientation to assist your transition into university life, ongoing assistance through the Student Mentor program, counselling services, support for students with a disability or medical conditions, career planning services and more.


At CQUniversity, we have more than 75 000 alumni members, located all over the world, who are staying connected with their alma mater. When you graduate, you automatically become a member of our alumni network.


We are very proud of our alumni. Their career achievements epitomise our goal to encourage individuals to pursue their passion on the foundation of a quality education. Each year, we recognise distinguished alumni through various awards.

As an alumnus of CQUniversity, we encourage you to stay connected to CQUniversity after you graduate, and to take advantage of the many benefits available to our alumni.

Lifelong Learning

Our seamless pathways from a number of certificate and diploma courses through to degree-level courses offer greater opportunities for career progression and lifelong learning.

You may choose to study a higher-level course to expand your knowledge and skills, or perhaps undertake a practical certificate or diploma course to improve your work-readiness.

If you do choose to pursue further study, benefit from our seamless pathways and the flexibility of distance education so you can start working and earn while you learn.