Student Readiness Questionnaire

Making the decision to start university is a great investment in your future! CQUniversity is committed to ensuring that you have access to the right resources, services and support required to be successful in your studies.

The Student Readiness Questionnaire (SRQ) is designed to identify how prepared you are for tertiary study and what the University can do to proactively assist you on your student journey.

Targeted at commencing undergraduate students, the SRQ consists of a number of question designed to assist us better understand your circumstances and how these may impact on your learning and study. SRQ results are assessed so that customised supports are provided to individual students.

Female student thinking about answers to the student readiness questionnaire

The SRQ is compulsory and must be completed as soon as possible in your first term. This is because many new students have particular needs or issues requiring specific supports and interventions. It's best to get advice and support early.

An invitation to complete the questionnaire will be sent to your student email account after you have accepted your offer, approximately four weeks before the start of your first term. Please complete the SRQ when you receive the email invitation.