Childcare Services

During your time at university, you may need to utilise childcare services in order to attend classes, lectures, exams, and other commitments. The following links may assist you in finding childcare services that meet your needs.

Australian Government Information

Find government information about childcare options, services and financial assistance.

Playgroup Australia

Playgroup Australia welcomes everyone to play, laugh, read, sing, support and enjoy the experience of children at play. Be a part of playgroup – Australia’s physical social network.

Midwives Australia

Midwives associated with Midwives Australia live and practice all over Australia. To find a registered midwife practising under the Medicare framework in your area, click on the link and use the search tool.

The website is Australia's online childcare portal. On this website, you will find information on different types of childcare and how to get assistance with the cost of childcare.