Academic Counselling

The Counselling team can help with personal issues that may impede your academic progress and your personal professional development.  They will also help you to acquire effective study skills like motivation and time management which are requisite for successful tertiary study.

The transition to university and throughout first year can be particularly stressful as you become accustomed to the changes in your lifestyle. These stressful feelings may be quite a normal reaction to change at any time of your university life but can be quite bewildering and have a negative impact on your study.

Services we provide for students include:

Having difficulty managing your time? Or getting motivated for study? Students can acquire better study skills by visiting our Get Optimistic About Learning (GOAL) website. GOAL contains a series of online resources that can help you to think more optimistically, act more optimistically and thus be more successful in your study life.

In the event that adverse circumstances negatively impact on your studies, you may be seeking a letter of support for your lecturer. Our normal procedure is to provide letters of support ONLY to students who are clients of this service. So if you are not already a client of the Counselling service, please bring any medical, legal or other evidence to support your situation.

We will discuss and clarify your circumstances with you, and identify the impact on your studies for the term.  A Counsellor will work with you to decide on the most appropriate option, which may include us supporting your request for an extension, withdrawal without academic penalty, deferral of an exam, or a request for special consideration in an examination.

However, if you are seeking support due to a medical condition, you will not need to see us. Obtain supporting evidence from your Medical Practitioner and attach a copy of that documentation to your academic application.

CQUniversity's policy for Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty states the criteria that apply to this process. We are most likely to support your withdrawal request if you have experienced an unforeseen and recent event, which is outside your control. It should be of a serious nature and generally not have existed before the Census date (usually about week 3-4 of each term).

Remember we are unable to provide support unless you are previously known to us, are a client of this service or if you can provide verification of the event from another source. Please bring any medical, legal or other evidence to support your situation.

The Counsellor may support your request for a deferred exam if it will be detrimental for you to complete the exam on the given date. If you are not a client of the counselling service please bring any medical, legal or other evidence to support your situation.

Your School will decide whether to grant a Deferral, based on the documentation they receive from you. You may not know whether your exam has been deferred until after the exam date. To make this application you must complete the Deferral of Exam Form. This form requires witness by a commissioner of Declaration or Justice of the Peace.