Prospective Students

Congratulations on taking the first step on your new career path. Just like planning a major life event, planning your career requires considered reflection and dedicated research. CQUni Careers believes that potential students have had most success in choosing a suitable career path and a matching course of study, when the four steps of Career Planning are followed. These are:

To make well informed career choices you need to know yourself well - your likes, dislikes, values, skills, education, employment history, priorities, personal circumstances etc. and develop a clear understanding of important personal criteria for your future - as all of these things will have some influence over your occupational pathways and career choices.
This includes knowing exactly what each occupation entails, including the typical tasks and responsibilities you would expect to perform in the role. You may also be interested in the expected job prospects and average salary details for the occupations you are considering. There are comprehensive resources available online where you can access this information including:
Is where you weigh up all the information that you know about yourself and the occupations you have researched, and making decisions about the most suitable career path for you. You can then identify the course that you need to study to achieve your goals.
Is about identifying the steps that you need to follow to ensure that you can enrol in your identified course that will ultimately allow you to achieve your career goals.

How can CQUni Careers assist you?

  • Undertake Career Voyage. Click on 'Create New Client Account' then enter the following Organisation ID: 005996. Click on 'Next' and then 'enter details'. Create your own username and password on the details screen and select ‘CQUni Careers’ as your adviser.
  • Research the wide variety of courses of study available at CQUniversity by visiting our CQUni Handbook.
  • Need information about different courses of study? Phone 13 27 86 to talk to a Student Advisor about the courses of study available at CQUniversity
  • Still unsure? Make an appointment today with a Career Specialist via CQUni CareerHub.