Student Feedback

CQUniversity is committed to ensuring all students have an avenue where they can confidentially provide compliments, complaints or general feedback in relation to their experience with us. We take all complaints seriously and aim to resolve all matters raised in a timely manner. This website outlines the process that needs to be undertaken in relation to providing compliments, complaints or general feedback to the University.

What is student feedback?

Student feedback can be positive or negative in relation to a student's learning experiences, their student life within the university or related to the operations of the university. These can be in the form of a compliment, complaint or general feedback. Below outlines what is classified as feedback.


A compliment is a positive experience, expression of praise, congratulation, encouragement or a favourable opinion.


A complaint might relate to any act, behaviour, omission; situation or decision directly impacting on the student; and, the student believes it to be unfair or unjustified resulting in an adverse experience for the student. This also includes discrimination and sexual harassment.

General Feedback

General feedback may not be a compliment, but may not be a complaint. Feedback can be positive or negative about learning experiences, student life or related university operations.

Submit Feedback

Policy and Procedure

The Student Feedback - Compliments and Complaints Policy and Procedure is published in the University's policy site and provides further details about how to submit feedback and how it will be handled by the University.