Planners and Profiles

Carefully planning your course and preparing your study schedule each term will help you to achieve your academic goals. The resources on this page will assist you to map out the units you should enrol in each term and connect with the information you need to plan your study including textbook requirements, teaching contacts, recommended study schedules, and assessment due dates.

Course Planners

Are you unsure about the units you should be studying? Visit our Course Planners for a quick guide to your enrolment.

Unit Profiles

Unit Profiles for each term become available three weeks before the start of term and include detailed information including:

  • Unit Coordinator contact details
  • Textbook requirements
  • Weekly study schedule
  • Assessment due dates and details
  • Exam details.

It is important that you download and print or save the Unit Profile for each unit you are enrolled in, each term.

Already enrolled in the unit?

  • Within your 'My Units' portlet in MyCQU, select the term and the unit you wish to view; and
  • Click 'Unit Profile' to download your profile for that unit.

If you are not currently enrolled, but would still like to see the unit information please visit our Handbook.