Monitoring Academic Progress - Domestic Students

The Monitoring Academic Progress (MAP) Policy is now re-instated for domestic students as of the commencement of Term 3 2015. Domestic students who have previously been identified under the MAP Policy can continue their studies as planned. Previous MAP statuses will not be reinstated, however all students will now have their academic progress monitored and may be identified by MAP from Term 3 2015 Certification of Grades onwards.

For information on the different stages of Monitoring Academic Progress, please visit the appropriate section below. If you still have further queries, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

MAP Stage 1

You have been identified at MAP Stage 1 because you have demonstrated unsatisfactory academic progress in your previous term of study. The University defines unsatisfactory academic progress as a student failing more than 50% of their units in a term, or failing a unit they have previously failed.

You are now strongly encouraged to complete the MAP 1 survey that is linked to your MAP 1 notification, sent to your student and personal email accounts. After you have completed this survey you will be sent a follow up email to your student email account either directing you to an interview or support services that may be able to assist you.

Contact Details


Phone: 13 CQUni (13 27 86)

Support for MAP students

Did any of the issues below impact on your study? Please read the responses that are relevant to you:

Issues relating to health (of self and/or family) – if these issues were serious you may be eligible for a Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty and Removal of Financial Liability due to Special Circumstances - visit Student Records for the guidelines and forms.

Issues relating to a medical condition/mental health condition/disability – the University offers an Accessibility and Inclusion Service that aims to minimise barriers and encourage participation by all students with a disability, illness, injury or health condition which is permanent or temporary – visit the Accessibility and Inclusion Service for more information

Uncertainty about career choice – choosing a career can be a tough decision, CQUni Careers is dedicated to helping you explore your options and help you find the right career path. To view career information and online resources please access the Career Planning and Employment Preparation page via Moodle.

Financial reasons - the University offers a number of scholarships - visit Scholarships more information

Trouble with referencing/academic writing, maths, science or computer skills – take advantage of the excellent services and resources offered by the Academic Learning Centre

Personal issues affecting your study – study can be very challenging and our students often have busy lives and competing priorities, our Counselling Service offers students opportunities to develop resilience and overcome these challenges.

Motivation and time management - our online course GOAL (Get Optimistic About Learning) may help. GOAL is a self-paced course, designed to help you learn strategies for optimism, how to apply these and to help you become more resilient to stress and ultimately, more effective in your studies at university.

Forgetting to withdraw by Census Date/withdrawing incorrectly – knowing when and how to withdraw is imperative (for your own sake), the Handbook has all the key dates you need to know about.

Missing an exam/unable to get to an exam – this is an experience you don't want to repeat – visit the Academic Calendar so you can check out the dates for the next exam block

Indigenous Support - The Indigenous Student Support Team provides support to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students within each of the schools at CQUniversity.

MAP Stage 2: Show Cause

Step 1

Complete a Map 2: Show Cause - Student Response Form online in MyCentre.

Step 2

Attach supporting documentation such as a letter from your medical practitioner for any claim of exceptional, extenuating circumstances (if applicable).

Step 3

Submit your MAP 2: Show Cause - Student Response Form within 10 working days of your MAP 2 notification.

If you require assistance completing your MAP 2: Show Cause – Student Response Form please contact the Student Advocacy Officer

MAP Stage 3: Intent to Cancel Enrolment

Students at MAP Stage 3 have the opportunity to appeal the intent to cancel their enrolment. To see what grounds you can use as the basis of your appeal, please visit the policy and procedures.

Step 1

Complete the MAP 3 Appeal Application Form online in MyCentre.

Step 2

Attach supporting documentation (if applicable).

Step 3

Submit your MAP 3 Appeal Application Form within 20 working days of the date of your MAP Stage 3 notification

If you require assistance completing your MAP 3 Appeal Application Form please contact the Student Advocacy Officer


Phone: 13 CQUni (13 27 86)

MAP Readmission

Students who have been cancelled through the MAP process will be eligible to return to study one year after their final term of study. The cancellation letter will state what term students are eligible to return to study.

It is important to note that once you have returned to study you must achieve two consecutive terms of satisfactory academic progress or you will return to MAP Stage 1.

Policy Links

To view the MAP policy and procedures please visit CQUniversity's Policy Portal at and click on 'M'.