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Are you ready to graduate? This webpage will provide graduating students with information on:

  • Terminology,  
  • Registering to graduate,  
  • Graduation Ceremony schedule, and  
  • Academic regalia hire.  


Graduation Evaluation Period (GEP) - this is the period during which the units you studied are examined to ensure that the course requirements have been met and that you are eligible to be conferred (awarded) with your degree. You cannot complete the graduation registration process until after you have  been conferred.

Testamur - the degree certificate that lists the course that has been completed.

Transcript -  a record of your enrolment and the results you obtained for each unit.  

Conferral - the process of awarding a degree, once it has been confirmed that all course requirements have been met. This occurs at the end of the Graduation Evaluation Period.  

Certification of Grades - occurs after the end of each term, when the official grades are published to students on the certification date. The Graduation Evaluation Period commences after the official grades have been published.  

Electronic Graduation Registration

Available from the homepage of MyCentre.

Graduation Information and Ceremony Schedules 

Once conferred with your degree, you will have the opportunity to Register for Graduation via MyCentre.  You must register for graduation to attend a graduation ceremony, elect to have your testamur posted to you or elect to pick up your testamur from Building 2 of the CQUniversity Rockhampton North campus only. 

For more information regarding the conferral of your degree, please email the Course Advice team on

Ceremonies - All enquiries regarding ceremonies should be directed to the Corporate Event and Graduation Office on

Vocational Education and Training (TAFE) Graduates 

Both Higher Education Students and Vocational Education Training (TAFE) graduates can now conduct their graduation registrations through MyCentre.  

Academic Regalia 

Student Regalia Hire - As part of your graduation registration in MyCentre, you will provide your head size and height. From this, our database collates this information for us to be able to provide you with your gown, stole  for hire and your mortarboard for your special Graduation Day. For more details about regalia, please see the Academic Regalia tab to the left of this screen.  

Graduation Debtor Notice (PDF) - For more information refer to the CQUniversity  "Collections Policy".

Release of Graduation Documents - Graduation documents (testamurs) will not be released until all debts to the University have been finalised. Graduates must check MyCentre to ensure that no debts are recorded against their student  account.  

Testamurs - Testamurs will be issued in accordance with CQUniversity's Testamur policy. All enquiries regarding testamurs should be directed to the Awards and Results team on

Replacement Testamur Form (PDF) must be sent to Charges for replacement testamurs apply. 

Graduation Memorabilia -

Graduation Ceremony Information 

All graduates who register for a graduation ceremony will receive a Ceremony Information Sheet after the Graduation Registration closure date of your chosen ceremony. Please allow for two business days after the Graduation Registration closure date of your chosen ceremony to receive this information.
For the registration closure dates, please  see the Schedule of Ceremonies above. 

Please ensure all contact details are up to date in MyCentre prior to Graduation Registration. 

The Ceremony Information Sheet will be emailed to both your student and personal email as registered in MyCentre. The Ceremony Information sheet will contain vital information regarding the collection of your Academic Regalia, ticketing information, venue locations, dates, times, photographer information etc. 

For further information  regarding graduation information including ceremony information, ticketing, ceremony costs, payment, testamurs, etc. please see the Graduation FAQ's page.

Post Nominals (Course Abbreviations)

Post nominals are the abbreviated form of university awards, which are listed after a person's name to indicate their academic qualifications.  For example, Joe Citizen MBA(MktgMgt) CQU or Joe Citizen BA(Hons) CQU.

This listing provides the post nominals for all courses offered by CQUniversity, both past and current.

Please note that levels of achievement, such as 'with distinction' or 'first class' (for honours) are not included in post nominals.

If your course is not contained in the Post Nominals listing, please email your course details and student number.

Australian Graduate Survey (AGS)

After graduation, graduates will be invited to participate in the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS). The AGS is a national survey coordinated by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) with participating higher education institutions. The survey is designed to collect information about course experience  and the type of work or further study graduates are undertaking after graduation.

This information is extremely important to CQUniversity as responses will be used to monitor and enhance the quality of CQUniversity's courses and to keep students informed of career opportunities. This data will be submitted to GCA to assist with the production of their annual reports, and to the Commonwealth  Government to inform higher education policy development. AGS results are also reported by media and publishers.

CQUniversity Australia is committed to both the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009. All survey results are aggregated and no information that identifies graduates personally is disclosed. For further  information, please contact the AGS Officer at CQUniversity Australia by email at