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Welcome to CQUniversity

As a new student to CQUniversity, we understand that while learning about your course and units, you are also learning how to be a university student and this can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you are straight out of high school or are now deciding to study later in life, knowing where to start is the first step in the journey. The resources on this web page will connect you with the support and information you need to ensure your transition to life at university is as smooth as possible.

Enrolment Made Easy

Is your enrolment complete? Visit Enrolment Made Easy to respond to your offer, plan your course, enrol in units and learn more about your student finances. We strongly recommend all students visit this webpage. 

Enrolment Made Easy will also cover all of the important information found on this Getting Started webpage but if you would like to skip ahead, please see each of the sections below. 

International students arrival and welcome 

CQUniversity would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our community and hope that you will enjoy your learning journey with us. We understand that life in a new country as well as studying at a university can be challenging. The Arrival and Welcome webpage will help you settle into Australia and learn about the range of support services and opportunities available at your campus.

Credit Transfer 

Successful Credit Transfer will reduce the number of units or units you are required to complete. In some cases this may shorten the time it takes to complete a course or units, or reduce the study load per term.


Orientation, both on-campus and online, is vital to the well-being and academic success of all new students. Attending an on-campus Orientation provides a fun and unique introduction to student life at CQUniversity and shouldn't be missed. Orientation Online is compulsory for all new students and includes videos, lessons and planners to help you develop the skills you need to be a successful university student.

Planners and Profiles

Carefully planning your course and preparing your study schedule each term will help you to achieve your academic goals. The resources at Planners and Profiles will assist you to map out the units you should enrol in each term and connect with the information you need to plan your study including textbook requirements, teaching contacts, recommended study schedules, and assessment due dates.

Plan my study

Check out the Plan my study section of the CQUni Handbook to connect with study planners, free software, calendars and more!