Exams and Timetables

As a university student, exams and timetables will become an important part of your planning and study each term. Exams are a requirement for many of our units and knowing when and where these are held can mean the difference between passing and failing. Likewise, class timetables ensure you are on-campus, on time. Most of our on-campus units require you to register for classes in our My Timetable system. In addition to this, many of our online units have a residential school component that also requires registration.

For more information about exams and timetables, visit MyCQU. Here, you can find out how to register for classes, how to request your personalised exam schedule and read other important exam information.

The DRAFT Examination Timetable is available on this website eight weeks before the Standard Examination Period begins. When reviewing the draft timetable for the forthcoming examination period, staff will have one week (five working days) in which to provide comment to the Coordinator, Examinations, Awards & Academic Operations prior to publication of the final exam timetable.