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Exams and timetables

As a university student, exams and timetables will become an important part of your planning and study each term. Exams are a requirement for many of our units and knowing when and where these are held can mean the difference between passing and failing. Likewise, class timetables ensure you are on-campus, on time. Most of our on-campus units require you to register for classes in our My Timetable system. In addition to this, many of our distance units have a residential school component that also requires registration.

Make sure you understand exams and timetables at CQUniversity by reading each of the sections below.

Class Timetables

Students who are enrolled in on-campus units or distance education units that include a residential school will be required to create their timetable via the Set My Timetable option in MyCQU.

The DRAFT Class Timetable is published four weeks prior to the commencement of the forthcoming term. Students and staff, when reviewing the DRAFT Class Timetable for the forthcoming term, will have a period of two weeks (10 working days) in which to provide comment to the Timetabling Section prior to  the publication of the final class timetable. The DRAFT Class Timetable can be viewed in MyCQU, for assistance accessing this timetable please visit the MyCQU All Class Timetables Instruction Sheet.

My Timetable will become available two weeks prior to term commencement with the release of the OFFICIAL Class Timetable. For assistance with this please access the My CQUniversity Timetable Instruction Sheet. The instruction  sheet includes information on creating and changing your timetable, along with what to do if you have clashing units. As directed by the instruction sheet, if you have clashing units, please contact timetabling through the Timetabling Enquiry eForm.

Where are your classes held?

Once you have created your timetable, please visit our CQUniversity Locations webpage. From here you can select your location and visit the map to become familiar with the campus you will be attending. The online map will allow you to explore your campus and even select a specific building or place of interest.

Examinations Timetables

When are the examination timetables available?

The DRAFT Examination Timetable is available usually eight weeks before the standard exam period begins. When reviewing the draft timetable for the forthcoming examination period, students will have one week (five working days) in which to provide comment to the Coordinator, Examinations and Timetabling  prior to publication of the final exam timetable.

The OFFICIAL Examination Timetable for the Standard Exams is available usually in week six of the term.

The OFFICIAL Examination Timetables for the Deferred/Supplementary Exams are usually available in week three of the term.

For further information regarding examinations please refer to the CQUniversity Policies website.

How to access your Examination Schedule

To access your personal examination schedule:

1. To view your Exam Timetable in MyCentre student need to login to
2. For assistance with this please access the instruction sheet – View Your Exam Timetable

If any further information is required or you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through the Timetabling Enquiry eForm or call 13 27 86.


The DRAFT Examination Timetable is available on this website eight weeks before the Standard Examination Period begins. When reviewing the draft timetable for the forthcoming examination period, staff will have one week (five working days) in which to provide comment to the Coordinator,  Examinations and Timetabling prior to publication of the final exam timetable.

DE/SE Examination Timetable

April 2017 – DE/SE Final Examination Timetable

Standard FINAL Exam Timetable

June 2017 – Standard FINAL Examination Timetable

Important Exam Information

Student requirements

The administration of examinations for the University is a complex operation and there are three critical factors, which can assist the Examinations Section in providing a quality service to our customers:

  1. Students should ensure that they are enrolled in the correct units for the current term to be examined.
  2. Students enrolled by distance education should ensure that they have selected the correct Exam Centre in relation to their term residential address.
  3. Students enrolled internally to a campus should ensure they have selected the correct campus as an Exam Centre.

Attending an exam

  • Official commencement times of examinations are 9.00am and 2.00pm.
  • 10 minute Settling-in Period is held prior to Perusal Time.
  • Students are therefore permitted entry to the examination room 25 minutes prior to commencement time; i.e. 8.35am and 1.35pm
  • Students are permitted late entry to the examination room of up to 30 minutes after the official commencement times.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the examination room within 1 Hour of the official commencement times.

Academic Misconduct

The following Incidences will be reported:

  • If you make noise or disturb other students.
  • If you bring in unauthorized materials.
  • If your mobile phone rings.
  • If you are seen looking at another student's work.
  • If you write anything after time is called.
  • If you leave the examination early because of illness.
  • If you do not follow the instructions of the room supervisor.

To view the range of penalties for being reported for Academic Misconduct please visit the Academic Misconduct Procedure.

Exam links

  • View Past Exam Papers. To access Past Exam Papers, CQUniversity students will need to use their student username and password and CQUniversity staff will need to use their CQUniversity network username and password.
  • View active Exam Centres. This list provides you with the current Exam Centres for CQUniversity.
  • View policies and procedures. The Assessment of Coursework Policy, Principles and Procedures include detailed information on examinations administrated by CQUniversity.
  • View examination forms. The Student Forms website includes forms associated with the Deferred Examination, Create an Exam Centre and Review of Grade procedures.