STEP 3 - Enrol in units

Planning your course

The complete structure of your course can be found in the CQUni Handbook at This will assist you to enrol in units in MyCentre.

You should also refer to the CQUni Handbook at if you have returned to study, to ensure your course hasn't changed. If you notice changes, be sure to submit the Course Advice eForm.

Should you apply for unit credit, you must instead refer to the Course Planner supplied by the Course Advice Team. 

Applying for Credit Transfer

Credit transfer applications can be submitted at any time. However, CQUniversity cannot guarantee your application will be processed and assessed prior to the commencement of Term if you have not submitted a complete application, including all supporting documentation. This must be submitted four (4) weeks before the relevant term starts.

Applications will be assessed after CQUniversity receives a complete application, including all supporting documents. CQUniversity will not be responsible for obtaining documents from other institutions, organisations or individuals.

The deadline for submitting a credit transfer application is:

  • Term 1 2018 – Monday, 5 February 2018
  • Term 2 2018 – Monday, 11 June 2018
  • Term 3 2018 – Monday, 8 October 2018

Should you wish to claim credit for any prior learning you have completed, you should submit an Application for Credit Transfer to the Academic Pathways Team. For further information about credit transfer, such as how to apply, information on timelines and the CQUniversity Credit Policy, Principles and Procedures, please visit

Enrol in your units

Certain courses do not allow students to use MyCentre to add units. Unsure? Check your Offer letter!

When you have visited the CQUni Handbook and noted the units you wish to enrol in, please proceed to to add the units you want to study this term or for the entire year.

If you have changed courses with CQUniversity, you must ensure that you have dropped all units for the current term under your old course before enrolling under your new course.

For help enrolling in units, visit the Enrol in MyCentre instruction sheet.