Study Overview

Study Program(s): Bachelor of Science

Study Mode: Online

Study Level: Undergraduate

Study Campus: Online Study

Graduation Year: 2018

Melanie Blade

Melanie Blade

In 2010, after having my fourth child, my husband and I moved our young family to Queensland. I enrolled my children in school and thought I'd do the same. I had many hurdles to overcome as the years unfolded including undergoing heart surgery, my daughter being diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa, helping to run my husband’s business, working full time and all with no help from family who were back in NSW. Without a flexible learning platform I would not have been able to graduate at the end of 2018. I could easily manage my program with some careful planning and sheer determination.

With CQU's wonderful international opportunities I was able to travel to India and join the Center of Environmental Education, returning with skills that have enhanced my work practices as a Science Officer at my local high school. I can confidently implement programs such as Reef Guardianship, Coral Watch and Tangaroa Blue initiatives to inspire young students to care for and understand natural processes and maybe go onto study at themselves.