Study Overview

Study Program(s): Master of Business Administration

Study Mode: Online

Study Level: Postgraduate

Study Campus: Online Study

Graduation Year: 2015

Gerald Meyer-Waeterling

Gerald Meyer-Waeterling

I chose CQUni because I worked for a company with a plant in Rockhampton (QMAG) who encouraged me to engage in tertiary education.  The company got downsized in 2015/2016 and my degree contributed to a promotion and secure employment. My current job title is “Strategic Business Line Manager Metallurgy”. It involves leading a team of 24 sales and technical managers across Europe, and being responsible for a budget of EUR 120M.

My degree was certainly a highlight; having said that it was not just the degree itself. Even more important were the difficult conditions under which I studied and managed to graduate with an MBA with distinction. I had a rather demanding full time job (>60working hours per week and a lot of international travel) and look after 2 teenage kids at the same time. Graduating with distinctions under such conditions made me realise that I can take on almost any challenge.

If you are studying after hours, then I strongly advise to let everyone know what you are doing. This helps giving you the motivation not to give up mid-way and to succeed.