How to Register for Graduations

When a student has satisfied the requirements for an award, a Program Completion is applied to his/her Student Record.  At this point, the student is recognised as a Graduate. Graduates are required to complete an electronic Graduation Registration through the MyCQU Student Portal.

  1. Navigate to MyCQU
  2. Enter your Student ID and password. Select "Sign In"
  3. Navigate to the Support view, then scroll down to the Getting Ready to Graduate Section and select Register for Graduation.
  4. Select the Attend a Ceremony button beside the conferred award.
  5. Select your name and choose a ceremony to attend from the drop-down menu.
  6. Complete the rest of the form as directed.
  7. Print the "Graduation Registration Summary".

You have now completed graduation registration.

All graduates who register for a graduation ceremony will receive a Ceremony Information Sheet after the Graduation Registration closure date of your chosen ceremony. Please allow one or two business days after the Graduation Registration closure date of your chosen ceremony to receive this information.

For the registration closure dates, please see the Schedule of Ceremonies.

Please ensure all contact details are up to date on your MyCQU prior to Graduation Registration.

The Ceremony Information Sheet will be emailed to both your university and personal email as registered on MyCQU. The Ceremony Information sheet will contain vital information regarding the collection of your Academic Regalia, ticketing information, venue locations, dates, times, photographer information etc. 

For further information regarding graduation information including ceremony information, ticketing, ceremony costs, payment, testamurs, etc. please see the Graduation FAQ's page.