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Graduates FAQ’s


Graduation Evaluation Period (GEP) - this is the period during which the units you studied are examined to ensure that all requirements have been met and that you are eligible to be conferred (awarded) with your degree. You cannot complete the Graduation Registration process until after you have been conferred.

Testamur - the degree certificate that lists the course that has been completed.

Transcript -  a record of your enrolment and the results you obtained for each unit.

Conferral - the process of awarding a degree, once it has been confirmed that all requirements have been met.  This occurs at the end of the Graduation Evaluation Period.

Certification of Grades - occurs after the end of each term and the official grades are published to students on the certification date. The Graduation Evaluation Period commences after the official grades have been published.


How am I identified as a graduate?

Our student system will identify once a student has successfully satisfied all of the requirements for a course and staff will assess eligibility for graduation.

When will my eligibility for graduation be assessed?

Eligibility will be assessed 10 working days after the official Certification of Grades date (as published in the Key Dates Calendar).

What is Conferral Date?

Conferral Date is the date on which you are officially conferred with your award. This date will be printed onto your testamur (certificate) and academic history and is the date when you are officially recognised as a CQUniversity graduate.

You cannot register for graduation until you have been conferred with your degree. Conferral dates are also published in the Key Dates Calendar.

For any enquiries relating to the conferral of your degree, please contact the Course Advice team on

When can I see my graduation status in MyCentre?

In most cases, 11 working days after the official Certification of Grades date (as published in the Key Dates Calendar). Various factors may influence this process. Contact the Course Advice team on if you have any concerns.

What do I do if my name is spelled incorrectly in MyCentre?

Students who wish to change their name details on the University's records must write to the Student Records team, providing a copy of their former and current signatures and supporting certified documents. Where changes are made after each term's Certification of Grades date, students must ALSO advise the Graduation team of this change. Testamurs will be printed according to the University's records.

What are my responsibilities with regard to graduation?

  • ensure correct knowledge of graduation term dates and eligibility
  • ensure correct knowledge of Graduation Ceremony dates, times and locations, as well as registration closure dates for each ceremony
  • maintain address and email details correctly on MyCentre
  • complete an electronic Graduation Registration on MyCentre.
Graduation Ceremonies

When and Where are Graduation Ceremonies held?

Graduation ceremonies are held in various locations each year and attendance is optional.

How do I register to attend a Graduation Ceremony?

Access the "My Graduation" tile in MyCentre and follow the prompts to complete the Graduation Registration. If you have forgotten your password or you are having difficulties accessing MyCentre, you will need to speak with the IT Helpdesk and they will reset your password for you or assist in resolving your issues. The contact number is 1300 666 620. If you are a VET student you will need to be registered manually. Please email the Awards and Results Team at and include which graduation ceremony you would like to attend, along with your head circumference and height in centimetres.

How much does it cost to attend a Graduation Ceremony?

To attend a Graduation Ceremony, the Graduation Registration fee is $160.00. This fee includes your attendance to the ceremony, the hire of your academic regalia, your mortarboard (hat) which we gift to you to keep, light refreshments after the ceremony and two complimentary guest tickets (you as a graduate do not require a ticket). This registration fee is a standard fee for all graduates. No reductions to this fee will be made, irrespective of regalia you may already own.

What do I do after I have registered to attend a Graduation Ceremony?

After completion of an online Graduation Registration, pay the amount due, as specified on your Graduation Registration Summary. Approximately four weeks prior to a Graduation Ceremony information will be placed under the "Year" heading on the Graduation page. From this page, select the link for the appropriate ceremony and you will be directed to the information relevant to that ceremony. After the registration closure date of your chosen ceremony, the Graduation team will send an email to your University email address and the personal email address you have registered on MyCentre, with a Ceremony Information Sheet which will include details regarding additional tickets, regalia collection, dates and times, photographer information etc.

How many guest tickets do I receive as part of my Graduation Registration?

With your Graduation Registration fee, you automatically receive two complimentary guest tickets (you as a graduate do not require a ticket). Depending on venue capacity, additional tickets may be available for purchase. If so, the Graduation team will send information regarding additional tickets via the Ceremony Information Sheet emailed to all registered students for a ceremony, following the ceremony closure date. Please do not contact the Graduation team in regards to these additional tickets, as they will not be released earlier. Tickets are sold on a first in, first served basis, so we recommend purchasing these tickets as soon as we send the purchasing link through to the graduate via the Ceremony Information Sheet, to avoid disappointment.

What do I do if I submit my Graduation Registration and want to make a change?

Contact the Graduation team on for further information.

Which ceremony can I attend?

Graduates may attend a Graduation Ceremony that occurs on a date after the end of the relevant GEP. A condition of attendance at a CQUniversity Graduation Ceremony is that studies must have been completed in accordance with the relevant timelines that apply to each respective ceremony. Other restrictions may apply to some ceremonies. CQUniversity graduates are permitted to attend a ceremony at any of the locations we host.

If I don't attend a Graduation Ceremony, how do I receive my testamur?

You must still complete an electronic Graduation Registration via MyCentre. You can choose to either collect your testamur - available from the Awards and Results Office, Building 2, CQUniversity North Rockhampton campus only- at no cost or have your testamur mailed (testamurs are sent by registered post). Costs differ if you elect for the testamur to be mailed within Australia or mailed to an overseas address. For any enquiries relating to the printing or posting of your testamur, please contact the Awards and Results team on

If I don't attend a Graduation Ceremony, when will I receive my testamur?

After completion of the online Graduation Registration allow at least 15 working days for your testamur to be printed, sealed and dispatched. If you choose the option to have your testamur mailed, the appropriate payment must be receipted by CQUniversity before the testamur will be dispatched. For any enquiries relating to the printing or posting of your testamur, please contact the Awards and Results team on

How do I make arrangements for somebody else to collect my testamur?

Testamurs may only be collected by a person other than the graduate where written authorisation by the graduate has been provided to The person authorised to collect must supply photo identification at time of collection. Testamurs can only be collected from the Awards and Results Office, Building 2, CQUniversity North Rockhampton campus.

If I receive my testamur, can I attend a Graduation Ceremony at a later date?

No - once a testamur has been released, a graduate may not attend a subsequent Graduation Ceremony.

Graduation rules

How does owing money to the University affect my graduation?

Debtors will be permitted to:

  • attend the ceremony
  • wear academic regalia
  • invite guests in accordance with any prescribed guest limits
  • cross the ceremony stage
  • be presented with a testamur wallet containing an explanatory document in place of the testamur (certificate)
  • have photographs taken
  • partake of refreshments, if provided.

Debtors will not be permitted to:

  • be presented with the actual testamur at the ceremony (you will be handed a blank testamur until payment is received);
  • collect their testamur.

The University will not release testamurs until all debts to CQUniversity are finalised. Finalisation of debts must occur no less than 10 working days prior to the date of the Graduation Ceremony.