Alumni FAQs


Definition: alumnus (pronounced a-lum-nus),
Noun: A graduate of a particular school or university

An alumnus is another word for graduate; alumni is the plural: one alumnus, two alumni.

When you complete a CQUniversity qualification - from a Certificate 1 to a Doctorate - you automatically become a CQUniversity alumnus. Both vocational education and training and higher education graduates are members of our alumni community.

A range of benefits and initiatives are available to vocational training and degree program graduates of CQUniversity. These include free library access, career development services, alumni professional development grants, and regular opportunities to get involved through 'Be' magazine and the alumni e-newsletter.

View the benefits available and keep your details updated to hear about opportunities available to you.

No! Students automatically achieve alumnus status upon completion of their qualification (Certificate 1 to Doctorate included). There are no costs associated with this life-long relationship with your university.

Yes. As a graduate, you are able to access both catalogue and electronic databases. Visit Benefits for more information.

Visit the Graduation Ceremonies page or contact the Alumni Relations Team.

Yes. Graduates have access to a range of assistance including career counselling services, career mentoring, resume and job application reviews and a jobs board. Visit Benefits for more information.

There are a number of ways to contact your friends:

Update your contact details to ensure you hear about alumni events and opportunities. Information is also shared through the official CQUniversity alumni social media pages.

Digital and hard copy official academic transcripts can be ordered online. Visit the Academic Transcripts page for more information.

We love to help graduates to organise reunions or activities. Contact the Alumni Relations Team to find out how we can assist you.

You are able to advertise job vacancies for free through the University CareerHub. First-time users need to register an account.

You can use My eQuals to send links to certified digital copies of your transcripts and testamurs to anyone you choose, including employers, universities and other parties. More information is on the My eQuals explained page.

For requests from external parties or organisations that do not accept My eQuals, CQUniversity can verify an academic record if we have permission from the individual to do so. We require signed consent from the individual before this private information can be released. The consent document should include the student’s full name, date of birth and student ID number as well as their signature. Many employers and immigration agents have a standard form for this.

Please email the consent form to our Student Governance Centre at or contact us on 13 2786.

Academic Verification usually takes 2-3 working days to process. This is a free service.

Please Update your contact details so CQUniversity can contact you to confirm your consent if needed.

Yes, we can help you with this.

You can supply your agent with a hard copy (fees apply) or certified digital copy of your transcript and testamur.

For certified digital documents

We recommend contacting your agent to confirm they will accept certified digital documents via the My eQuals platform.

Complete the digital transcript AND digital testamur forms. More information is on the My eQuals explained page. Please contact if the request is urgent.

Within 5 working days you will receive an invitation to My eQuals. Once you receive the My eQuals invitation, follow the steps in the email to sign in, access your certified digital awards and share links to these with third party organisations.

For hard copy documents

Please complete BOTH these forms to order your documents (fees apply).

Request for Academic Transcript and replacement Testamur.

Once you have completed the forms and paid the required fees, please send an email to the Awards and Results team via requesting the documents be mailed together in a single envelope.

For any enquiries relating to replacement testamurs please contact the Awards and Results team on 13 2786.