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Completing activities multiple times

You don’t have to complete all the tasks on the list, and you can do most tasks multiple times (e.g. you can’t repeatedly post the same qualification on LinkedIn, but you can write multiple blog posts). You might be trying to establish your profile on LinkedIn – so you could do a post on LinkedIn each month. It’s a great way to make a commitment that benefits you and your career.

Accruing minutes

You can’t accrue minutes – e.g. you can’t submit 40 minutes worth of activities one month, and 20 minutes the next, or complete 2 activities worth 30 minutes (60 total) and no activities the next month. The only exception is completing one of the activities worth 60 minutes – in this case you don’t need to submit 30 minutes of activity in the following month.

Some actions in the program count retrospectively (not all though). If you have previously enquired about being an industry speaker, created an alumni profile, posted your qualification on LinkedIn or signed up as a mentor, contact the Alumni Relations team on or +61 7 4923 2875 to have your activities recognised.

Tips for blogs and articles

Blogs and articles should be relevant to students or other graduates in some way. Examples of topics:

  • Explain the types of tasks you do in your role (this gives students a greater understanding of what to expect)
  • Give advice on what students should do to prepare for their first job in the industry
  • Share tips for study success (did you have one thing that helped you stop procrastinating?)
  • Explain how you find work life balance
  • Write a post on your worst (or best) job interview. What went wrong/right? How did you improve on it in your next interviews (or if you aced it, how did you do it?)?
  • Talk about a time you decided to make a major career move (change jobs, change job focus, did you go on maternity/paternity leave – what was your experience?)
  • Anything else related to your studies, career or life lessons (we won’t accept opinion articles on religion or politics)

What If I miss a month?

The 30 Minutes a Month program rewards alumni for continuous participation. But we understand that life happens, and you may not be able to complete your 30 minutes of activity each month. If you miss a month you can keep participating in the program.

If you miss one month, your previous activities are recognised – so if you complete month one and two in a row, but miss month three, just complete it the following month – you’ll still receive your reward when you complete month three.

But if you miss two or more months, you’ll be reset back to month one, and you’ll need to start from there again.

Contact the Alumni Relations Team for more information around missing a month. If there are upcoming circumstances that will make it difficult or impossible to complete your month, contact the Alumni Relations team to discuss your options.

Can I register halfway through the program?

Yes! The 2018 30 Minutes a Month program runs from 1 March – 30 November. You can register and start participating at any time – but you will only be able to complete the months remaining.