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30 Minutes a Month

30 Minutes a Month is a micro-volunteering project. You take 30 minutes out of your month to complete activities that benefit you, students, and fellow graduates. These activities further your professional development, help students get the most of their education and help the University demonstrate the impact our alumni are making in our communities.

We have compiled a list of activities which are worth varying amounts of time. When you complete a task, you accrue time. When you accrue enough minutes you get a reward. Simple!

You choose how you participate and accrue your 30 minutes of volunteering per month. You can write a blog, nominate to be a guest speaker (nominating is worth points – you don’t even have to speak yet), update your qualifications on LinkedIn to record your CQUni degree (if it’s already there you just have to let us know – more points), retweet us and more.

The 30 Minutes a Month program is an annual, 9-month program that runs from March-November.

From a Certificate I to a PhD, if you have graduated with a CQUniversity qualification you are eligible to join this program.

View the activities that are part of the program, or view our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.

How it works
1. Sign up

Sign up using our online form.

2. Select your activities

Take a look at our list of activities and choose yours for the month. There are no rules on how to reach 30 minutes.

You might choose to write a short blog. This is worth 30 minutes - that’s all you would have to do for the month.

Or, you could choose to complete a couple of smaller tasks. You could update your qualifications on LinkedIn, comment on a post in the Alumni Facebook group and sign up to the CQUni Career Connection Program. These are all worth 10 minutes each, so that’s all you need to do for the month.

3. Submit

Using our simple online submission form, submit evidence of your task each month. The Alumni Relations team will verify your submission and contact you when it’s approved. Every consecutive 3 months you complete 30 minutes of activity you earn a reward.


Participants are rewarded in three ways.

Free stuff

For every three consecutive months you complete 30 minutes of tasks you receive a prize. The prize keeps getting bigger and better the longer you participate in the program.

Commitment (continuous participation)Reward (Year 1)*
1 month CQUni Tote Bag
3 months CQUni Notebook
6 months CQUni KeepCup or water bottle or cap
9 months CQUni Duffle Bag

* Rewards are subject to change based on availability.

Impress employers

This program is designed to get you completing activities that expand your professional experience and online presence.

You can build a portfolio of demonstrable experience by adding the tasks you complete to your resume.

If you’re publishing posts online, you’ll also be demonstrating your knowledge and communication skills to your network. When (not if) potential employers do background searches online, they’ll be presented with evidence of your thought-leadership through the posts you’ve made – impressive.

Feeling good

Get those warm, fuzzy, feel-good feelings knowing your participation is helping students prepare for graduation and fellow graduates pursue their careers.

How you're giving back

When you were studying, did you ever have a moment where you weren’t sure where your study was taking you; or how to approach the leap between study and your first job? Many of the tasks in this program are designed to help students in these times – and the people best positioned to give advice are those who have experienced it.

This program is designed to involve alumni in simple activities that make a big difference - both to your professional development, but also to current students and the University.

We want to reward you for getting involved because your contribution through these carefully selected activities really helps students get the most of their education, and helps the University demonstrate the impact alumni are making in our communities.

More information

If you have any questions or would like more information on the program contact the Alumni Relations Team on or +61 7 4923 2875.

Sign up to the program

Sign up to the 30 Minutes a Month program using our online form.
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Submit your activities

Submit your activities for the month using our online form.
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