VIA University College (Denmark)

Study Abroad Testimonial – Bridget

I decided to go on exchange for many reasons. To me, the exchange program was an opportunity not to be missed because I could live overseas and experience a different lifestyle, culture, people and spectacular scenery, all the while earning credit towards my degree. Although I concede that the thought of living and studying in another country is rather overwhelming, I was so excited to experience the challenges I would face and the opportunities I would be presented with, which I would not normally encounter in general life in Australia. Doing exchange would provide a tremendous opportunity to discover, reflect on and develop my personal, professional and academic skills.

Further Information

Name: Bridget Duffin
Program of study at CQUni: Bachelor of Social Work
Host Institution & Country: VIA University College, Aarhus, DENMARK
Period & Year of Exchange: 1st February – 30th May 2013