Study Abroad Testimonial - Shantel

I learnt an immense amount during my exchange and the best way to describe it is tremendously life changing. With all the energy we expel into study having this broader experience was both rewarding and educational. I have made lifelong friends and networks abroad in an array of industry, communities and academia. Lessons learnt during this exchange were value adding to my employer, industry, university and personal career. Exchange opportunities are a significant opportunity to share and learn.

My experience in the exchange program was a few activity packed weeks in British Columbia, Canada visiting universities, educations bodies, government officials, peak body representatives and members of amazing First Nations bands (communities) as well as visiting symbolic Canadian attractions. Also managed to fit in an ice hockey game one night.

Our days were at least 13hrs and packed full of activities, meetings, tours and opportunities to both learn and teach about each other's countries, culture, government, history, our universities and way of life. For example we could easily in one day catch a ferry (huge!) from Vancouver to Victoria, meet with government representatives (education, health, resources) meet with the local Indian band and elders (culture, amazing way of life, history), followed by tour of the local area and then networking dinner with BC government cadets and students. Magical days and memories with magical people.

Photo of Shantel