Short-Term Outbound Program

Our Short-term Outbound Program allows students to study, work and volunteer overseas for a short period (usually two to four weeks). In most cases, this will be a fully credit-bearing experience although this will depend on the project you choose or are eligible for. Projects are usually embedded into your program.

Interdisciplinary projects

Interdisciplinary projects involve students from a range of disciplines travelling together on one of our international programs.

Dates: April / December / February tbc

We believe learning is best achieved through real-world experiences. Using India's cities and villages as your classroom, Reimagining India takes your learning out of the lecture hall. The program combines an incredible range of site visits with expert interactions and workshops. Over two weeks, you will attend sessions at multinationals, startups, NGOs and more. You'll visit rural villages, urban slums and ancient cities. Along the way, you'll consider India's significant cultural influence and explore its innovative contributions to global challenges.

You'll leave India bursting with new ideas, experiences, and inspiration to help you carve out your future studies and career path.

Multi-disciplinary -  BUSN12002 or BUSN19024 or Service Learning/Community Development elective in other Schools

Please visit the Indogenius website to find out more about our Reimagining India Project.

150 NCP grants available!

Academic, Language and culture programs at 7 different universities in Hessen, Germany (Frankfurt region).
Three (3) exchange places are available for QLD students approved for credit transfer - only flights and CQUni tuition to pay.

Academic Credit: If applying for an Exchange place, credit approval is mandatory - Elective unit required.
How to apply: Email for an application form (please do NOT apply direct to the University)
Application Deadline: 8th March 2020 for exchange places, otherwise first come first served.

University of Kassel

Dates: June 20 – July 18 2020
1.Engineering: Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change, Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energies, Wind Energy, Project

Management, Production Management: Digital Factory Planning
2.Culture: German History and Politics, The Brothers Grimm in Kassel – German Fairy Tales, Intercultural Communication, Documenta –     

Kassel and the Arts

Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Dates: July 4 – August 1 2020
1.Culture: Was ist Deutschland? German History, Art and Literature in a European Context (taught in German)
2.Social Work: Music Therapy
3.Business: International Management in an intercultural environment
4.Culture and Society Module: Intercultural Communication and Migration

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Dates: July 12 – August 8th 2020
1.In Transition to a Pure Green Energy Economy: combines technical and business perspectives and deals with the prospects of an energy system

and a whole economy relying solely on renewable energy.
2.Computer Science: 5G Mobile Communications Systems

TU Darmstadt

Dates: 5 July - 1 August 2020
1.German Engineering: Automotive Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechatronic and Production Technology.

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Dates: various dates between 21 June and 1 August 2020
1.Architecture Urban Design: Experiment in urban design and architectural usability in city centres
2.European Studies: Intercultural Communication, History of the European Integration, European Central Banking, European Economic and Social        Policy, European Law)
3. European Banking: Intercultural Awareness, Non-Financial Risk Management in Banks, European and German Central Banking, International

4.Healthy Cities for Happy Citizens: Explore how happiness can be used as a criterion for designing healthy cities
5. International Business

University of Giessen

Dates: July 18 – August 15 2020
1.Economics in Health care: Linking Health Economics, Innovation and Market Access
2.Medical Innovation: Linking Global Health Challenges, Entrepreneurship and business practice
3.Digitalization and MedTech in Health care: Linking Digital Solutions and Data Privacy
4.Law: Linking Intellectual Property Rights, Regulation of the Health Sector, Human Rights and Ethic Concern

University of Marburg
Dates: July 18 – August 15 2020
1.Germany and Europe in a Turbulent World: History, Politics, Society, and Culture. Topics include German and European History, Politics,

International Relations, Sociology, Cultural Studies, German Studies, European Integration, Peace and Conflict Studies.

Dates: Fiji Dates tbc, Nepal - Summer TBC

The CQUniversity Transformative Tourism Study Tour will connect you to the Indo-Pacific region through a practically focused, three week research and study experience. Trek the Himalayas, work with local NGOs, experience Kathmandu, Nepali or Fiji cultural sites, learn some Fijian or Nepali language and participate in important research!

School of Business elective (BUSN12002 or BUSN19024).

Program Contact: Kylie Radel, Senior Lecturer Marketing & Tourism

8 NCP grants available!

Dates: June - July annually

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Study Tour (Vietnam) is an immersive educational program to provide students with first-hand knowledge of the SDGs in an emerging economy context. This is a multi-disciplinary program.

Find out more about Vietnam UN Sustainable Development Goals.

9 NCP grants available!



June - July

December  - January

December - February

Hanyang Summer and International Winter School offers students a variety of unique cultural experiences, as well as a broad range of academic concentrations to foster academic and cultural growth.This is a multi-disciplinary program.

Please visit the ISEP Study Abroad website to find out more about Scholarships for this project.

5 NCP grants available!

Dates: Summer each year  tbc

The Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development Tour (Fiji) is an immersive educational program providing students with an exploration of the environmental and social complexities which have become inextricably linked across this sizeable cluster of islands in the Asia-Pacific.

Multi-disciplinary -  School of Business elective (BUSN12002 or BUSN19) or Service Learning/Community Development elective in other Schools.

Please view the Fiji Social Enterprise & Sustainable Development PDF to find out more about this project.

10 NCP grants available!

A number of our partner institutions offer short-term programs, summer schools and winter schools. These programs normally run for 2 to 4 weeks. Students may be able to get credit for these programs but will this will need to be agreed in advance. Please note that some of these programs are not covered under our Exchange Agreements and you will be required to pay tuition fees to the host institution.


The International Business Summer School in Basel (Switzerland) is a two-week intense programme specializing in studies of international management and economics in a Swiss environment. During the exciting and challenging two weeks participants attend courses, visit companies, discover local culture and establish networks with people from Switzerland and around the world.

  • Course Language: English.
  • Program Dates: August each year
  • Course Duration: 2 weeks.
  • Costs:
  • - Tuition: approx. $1500 (CHF 950). WAIVED for CQUni students if approved for credit transfer.
  • - Visits and cultural events: CHF 400
  • - Accommodation (if needed): CHF 600
  • Academic Credit: This program is available for credit as one elective course.
  • Application Deadline: 10 May annually
  • Full details available here

To apply please contact a CQUGlobal adviser at

JAMK Summer school is a unique combination of high-quality academic content and a versatile social programme in the city of Jyvaskyla surrounded by beautiful nature with lakes and forests in Central Finland. This course is delivered in English.

CQUNI has up to 3 fee-waiver places available for students pre-approved for credit transfer.

Dates: Late May/June each year  (3 week program duration)
Program Fee: 690 Euro (includes administration & course fees, 2 nights accommodation in Helsinki, transportation to Helsinki, extra-curricular activities)
Applications close: Mid April  
Courses include:
*Global Team Leadership
*Dynamic Creativity Management
*Ethics and Law for International Managers
*European Business Management and Communication
*Psychology for Marketing and Customer Experience Management
*Services Design
*Global Destination Branding
*Sport Tourism Management
*Advanced Engineering Technologies and Robotics
*Game Art & Design
*International Business Speaking

  • Academic Credit: This program is available for credit.

Full details available here

For more information and to apply, contact a CQUGlobal adviser:

Business and Entrepreneurship

The objective of this subject is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Malaysian business and entrepreneurship. This subject also seeks to inculcate business etiquettes and key business skills while developing an appreciation for the diversity in Malaysia.

  • Course Language: English.
  • Program Dates: January and August each year - consult  Taylor's website.
  • Course Duration: 2 weeks.
  • Costs: Program Fee $0 - waived for CQU students, Accommodation: $200 USD.
  • Academic Credit: This program is available for credit.
  • Application Deadline: 3 months prior to program commencement.

Watch the testimonial video.

Business & Law Summer School

Dates: August annually
Cost:   USD1,200 for a 2-week programme.

For Law students, they have the option of joining the 3-week programme which is inclusive of a 1-week internship attachment at USD1,500. Accommodation, on-ground transportation, group airport transfer, welcome and farewell reception and experiential learning opportunities such as field trips, workshops and seminars are included in the cost of participation.


1.Law: Malaysian Legal System
Organised through collaboration with prestigious law firms, this programme aims to provide a strategic platform for Law students to gain insight on the Malaysian Legal System and workings of law related organisations in Malaysia. Students will be attending seminars on the Malaysian Constitution and Legal Instructions such as the Malaysian Parliament, the Attorney General, the Judiciary, the Syariah Courts (Islamic Law) and the legal profession. Many experiential learning opportunities are provided through participation in field trips and site visits to the Parliament, High Court, Syariah Courts, Palace of Justice (where judicial courts and offices are housed), Attorney General’s Chambers, Legal Aid Centre and Bar Council.


2.Business: Doing Business in Asia (Innovation, Culture and Entrepreneurship)
A strategic program for all students interested to learn more about the dynamics of business setting in Asia. Students will be able to gain insights on business strategies, cross-cultural issues, marketing and management and business operations success factors. Moreover, students can look forward to participating in real life business pitch and have their ideas validated by seasonal practitioners. Ultimately, this program strives to equip students with an innovative and global mindset to appreciate the dynamic and emerging South East Asia markets as opportunities for growth and be aware of the business issues and challenges that arise from the diversified and culturally rich Asian business environments.
Application Deadline: 30th April annually

Full program information

To enquire or apply, please contact CQUGlobal:

Language and Culture

We have an excellent partnership with the universities located in the German state of Hessen. This relationship lets our students study a range of disciplines in addition to language and culture courses at no cost.

  • Course Language: English.
  • Program:International winter schools run at various times depending on your chosen university. Many students choose to study at the University of Fulda and University of Kassel that run in January and June each year.
  • Dates:  January / June / December annually
  • University of Kassel: December and June each year.
  • University of Fulda:   January and June each year.
  • Course Duration: 3 weeks.
  • Costs: $0 for CQU students - Queensland based students. This includes full program, home stay or hotel accommodation and some meals. Limited
  • spaces available at each university. Limited exchange places available.
  • Academic Credit: This program is eligible for academic credit.
  • Application Deadline: 3 months before program commencement.

Full information about the program

To apply or enquire about this excellent program please contact CQUGlobal:

The International Summer Session (ISS) at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), offered continuously for eleven years since its establishment in 2003, provides a unique opportunity to all those who want to deepen their understanding of Korean and East Asian societies and the sources of their current trends. International students may increase their Korean language proficiency through ISS language classes, and domestic Korean students have the opportunity to enhance their English language proficiency by studying in an international environment where all courses are taught in English.

One of the unique features of the HUFS ISS program is that both international and domestic Korean students study side-by-side in the same classrooms on a daily basis, sharing in project work, extra-curricular and free-time activities. ISS international students come from a variety of countries, either as independent students or as exchange students from partner universities in Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, Jordan, India, Mexico, the U.S., Canada, and Australia. This co-mingling of students of many national origins enriches the learning environment for all.

ISS provides students with a carefully planned curriculum and the courses are taught by some of the most prominent scholars in the field of Korean and Asian Studies, many of whom are invited from prestigious foreign universities to teach for the summer session. The faculty and students together create a cosmopolitan atmosphere which is conducive to an in-depth understanding of Korean and Asian societies.

Courses are offered in the areas of Korean history, performing arts, culture, economy and business, Asian politics, contemporary society and international relations, as well as language. The summer session is open to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to independent scholars interested in the field of Korean and Asian Studies.

  • Course Language: English.
  • Program Dates: July/August each year.
  • Course Duration: 4 weeks.
  • Costs: Program Fee $0 for CQU students, Accommodation: $350 - $500 USD.
  • Academic Credit: This program is available for academic credit for students with available electives.
  • Application Deadline: May 31.

Full information on the program.

Interested students to contact a CQUGlobal adviser at

This program is very popular program at Osaka Gakuin University combines Japanese language, cultural activities, sightseeing and events to give you the experience of a lifetime.

  • Course Language: English.
  • Program Dates: Runs twice per year in January and June.
  • Course Duration: 3 weeks.
  • Costs: 177,500 Yen inclusive of program, field trips and accommodation. Please note: Each program a maximum of 10 CQU students will receive a merit-based scholarship discounting the price to 137,500 Yen. Final program cost may vary slightly each intake - consult the OGU website.
  • Academic Credit: This program is not eligible for academic credit.
  • Application Deadline: 3 months before program.

Full information on the program.
Watch the CQU student testimonial video.

Interested students to contact a CQUGlobal adviser at

Facilitating partners

We work with a number of facilitating organisations that run projects and programs for students overseas. As many of these programs are for study abroad, the relationship will be entirely between you and the facilitating organisation partner. You may still be able to earn credit towards your CQUniversity course.

Please see a list of facilitating partners below:

CISaustralia Summer & Winter programs
CISaustralia offer a range of academic summer and winter academic, study abroad and internship programs in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.
Dates: various
Topics: various
Cost: various
Full suite of program information available:

Engineers Without Borders: Humanitarian Design Summit – Nepal or Cambodia
The Design Summits are two week professional experiences that provide student participants with experience in:
*Humanitarian engineering skills and insights
*Appropriate technology best-practice
*Designing in resource constrained environments
*Working with community and clients on needs analysis and problem definition
*Evaluating solutions including maintenance, materials and cost
*Rapid prototyping and development
*Client engagement and communication
*Cross-cultural engagement, teamwork and project management.
Dates: Various (Summer and Winter Programs)
Cost: $3,500
$3,000 NCP grants available for Engineering students only.
Applications close: Three months prior to program commencement  
Read More:

Hacker Exchange The Hacker Exchange offers unparalleled professional and experiential programming that connect the next generation of leaders and founders to a global network of sought-after mentors, investors, corporate innovators, startup founders,
and accelerators.
Immerse yourself in a virtual innovation program - from the comfort of your laptop, you can access thought leaders and develop networks from San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Singapore and Australia. All the benefits of a global HEX program with none of the jet lag. Plus, HEX will personally match you with an international mentor who will help you truly supercharge your startup and career goals.
Go global with HEX's global innovation and global venture exchange programs in San Fransisco, Tel Aviv, Singapore.
Dates: Various (2 week length programs)
Cost: From $5,500 - $6,000 depending on the destination
Applications close: Two months prior to program commencement

ISEP Summer Abroad
ISEP offer a range of academic and internship summer programs (our Winter) with their member universities in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.
Dates: various
Topics: various
Cost: various. N.B. $3k NCP grants available for Hanyang International Summer University, South Korea.
Full program details and options can be found here:

UNBOUND - UN Sustainable Development Goals, Vietnam
This is an immersive educational program to provide students with first-hand knowledge of the SDGs in an emerging economy context. Human-Centred Design is an approach to problem-solving and design that “starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs” (IDEO). Learn from local experts how these principles are applied in the Vietnamese context. You'll have the opportunity to develop and enhance existing community projects, or create new ones while ensuring that local communities are at the heart of each project.
Dates: July  & January tbc
Cost: $3,250
$3,000 NCP grants available
Full information available here

To apply for an unforgettable summer/winter experience (and the possibility of earning credit towards your CQUni course), please contact CQUGlobal:

Apply for short-term Outbound project or program

Check you meet the basic eligibility criteria outlined on the project page. If you do not meet the criteria for a specific project and there are no other projects listed in your discipline area, please have a look at the interdisciplinary projects, which are open to all students.

Download, complete and submit the below forms to

Application form (Short Course, Placement, Internship)

Course Planner Form (Short Course, Placement, Internship)

Referee Report

Note the deadlines vary for each project. For further information, please contact your CQUGlobal Advisor:

Phone: +61 7 4930 9671

If you have been accepted into a project you will hear back from your CQUGlobal Advisor within two weeks of receipt of application. The next step is to accept your offer by paying a deposit by the deadline in the offer letter. The places on these projects are limited and are allocated on a first pay first serve basis.

If the project fills up before you accept, we will put you on the reserve list or suggest a suitable alternate project if one exists.

Once you have secured a place on the project we will provide you with documentation needed to apply for a visa.

As soon as you have documentation to support your visa application you should lodge it with the relevant Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. Note, we have no control over this process and while we will try to help where we can, this is your responsibility. Some visa processing happens in a matter of days and others can take months. If you are an international student this is likely to take longer than if you are an Australian citizen lodging an application from within Australia.

Do your research early as different countries' requirements vary. Some may require you to have a health check, show evidence of funding to cover your stay and some ask for you to purchase travel and health insurance up front.

While you are awaiting your visa, you will be asked to:

  1. Attend a pre-departure session with the Project Leader and Facilitators (this may be in person or online)
  2. Register with International SOS. Mandatory for all CQUGlobal Outbound students.
  3. Complete the Student Pre-Departure Module in Moodle

As soon as you receive your visa, you must provide your CQUGlobal Advisor with your travel documents and they will arrange a group booking so you will be travelling and housed with your colleagues.

Note, you will be covered by the University's travel insurance unless you have any underlying and undeclared health conditions. You must discuss these with the Project Leader as early as possible.

The following is not an exhaustive check-list but it should help get you on track:

  1. Read and research as much as you can about where you are travelling to
  2. Photocopy all your travel documents and leave a copy with your friends or family for safe keeping
  3. Sort out currency: have some cash on arrival and load a travel cash card to keep your money secure
  4. Book a taxi to the airport.