What is the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement?

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) was introduced to make Australian qualifications recognised and renowned throughout the world. The AHEGS will describe a higher education qualification in an easily understandable way, relating it to the system in which it was issued and describing qualifications in a clear and consistent way to potential employers and other higher education institutions.

An AHEGS will be available to CQUniversity students who graduate on or after 2 December 2011. The AHEGS is additional to other documentation, such as degree certificates (testamurs) and academic transcripts.

The AHEGS has the potential to make Australian awards better understood internationally, enhancing the international mobility of Australian graduates and Australia's competitiveness in the international higher education market.


The AHEGS presents the graduate's academic achievements relating to a particular award, and will include special awards and achievements that appear on the Academic Transcript. In addition, the AHEGS includes details on the type of award and a description of the Australian higher education system.

The AHEGS will be available upon graduation. To request a copy, additional copies or a replacement copy, contact the University on 13 27 86 or contact us.

The first copy of the AHEGS is provided free of charge to a candidate on completion of their program. Should the candidate request multiple copies, or subsequently approach the University for a replacement copy, CQUniversity will charge for these additional copies.

No. A reprinted AHEGS will contain exactly the same content as at the time of original issue. The AHEGS is designed to provide a snapshot of the candidate's qualification at the point of completion.

There will be no GPA shown on the AHEGS. Note that GPAs are shown on the Academic Transcript.

Yes, fail grades must be included on the AHEGS. This is our practice on academic transcripts and is to be the practice on the AHEGS in order to provide the prospective employer with a clearer picture on prospective employees.

This is at the discretion of the institution. As a general rule, any awards/activities included on the AHEGS should be measurable, verifiable, recordable, centrally available and linked to academic achievement.

If work placements are an important feature of the award, this may be included in the optional 'features' component of Section 2.

If the institution has a verified record of specific details of the placement completed by the individual graduate, these may be included in the optional 'additional course details' component of Section 4. The nature of the information included here is at the discretion of the institution.

Information can be found in the publication Proposal for an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement.

Alternatively, contact the University on 13 27 86 or submit our Ask A Question form