Academic Awards

At CQUniversity, we recognise your achievements are worth celebrating and sharing widely. We also understand the importance of convenient, online access to academic transcripts and graduation documents.

Whether you’re a current student, soon-to-be graduate or an alumnus, we encourage you to proudly display your association with CQUniversity and share your achievements with friends, family and potential employers.

Certified digital academic awards

The My eQuals platform provides CQUniversity students and graduates with authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid digital academic transcripts and testamurs.

Hard copy academic awards

Hard copy academic transcripts and graduation documents can be ordered online for a fee.

CQUniCares Academic Prizes

CQUniCares academic prizes recognise and celebrate the academic achievements of CQUniversity students. Made possible through generous donations made by individuals and organisations, academic prizes are designed to encourage and recognise academic excellence.

Academic prizes are awarded annually following the release of results for all terms. This could mean you may be recognised in the following year, potentially after you have concluded your studies at CQUniversity. If this is the case, you will be contacted by CQUniversity with further instructions on accepting your prize.