At CQUniversity we pride ourselves not only on delivering outstanding research outcomes, but on welcoming students to be a part of a research community where you can share in knowledge, techniques, skills and experience.

At CQUni the support offered by our supervisors is second-to-none, meaning you won’t be alone on your research journey but will have strong guidance to help you develop and achieve success. Be inspired and discover the stories of just some of the world-class researchers and students involved in our Research Higher Degree program.

Get to know Chris Crawford

Psychology and Cognitive Sciences – Chris Crawford

Most of my career as a psychologist has primarily been in the fields of community counselling and community mental health. My PhD focuses on how outcome measures can best be used as indicators for positive outcomes for mental health consumers.

Research at CQUniversity usually has a practical focus on improving the lives of individuals or improving the effectiveness of programs and interventions. We have a very active research community, and I chose to do my research here because it’s well known for providing excellent support to RHD students.

Get to know Kristina Jorgensen

Environmental systems – Kristina Jorgensen

My actual interest in conservation began by accident while watching a koala documentary on Danish TV one Sunday afternoon which featured my supervisor, Dr Alistair Melzer – the ‘koala expert’. CQUniversity’s affiliation with many interesting researchers, plus a love for all animals, great and small, is what drew me to studying biology here.

CQUniversity is affiliated with so many amazing researchers, all with their very own specific niche of research areas, allowing students to explore their own limits and broaden their knowledge.

Get to know Leigh Stitz

Environmental Systems – Leigh Stitz

The opportunities to learn and gain skills along the way are amazing at CQUniversity. I received some really valuable training that will stay with me for life. You have the chance to meet and engage with people from a range of disciplines which really widens your views in research.

A RHD at CQUni is more than just a qualification. The training and mentoring allows you to develop your career in research by helping you grow. You become a researcher that is able to make real change in the world.

Get to know Andrew Taylor-Robinson

Applied Medical Health - Andrew Taylor-Robinson

I came to CQUniversity in 2012 looking for a new challenge. When I arrived, I was aware of its impressive reputation for community engagement and innovative, student-focused teaching. What I did not appreciate at the time was the great opportunity coming here has also provided in enabling me to expand my research portfolio.

CQUniversity is a fantastic place to do research. Much of the research has a strongly applied purpose that yields directly applicable, practical, real-life benefits to the community. This is a university whose research is of relevance to regional and rural Australia, engages local communities, collaborates with national industry and has global impact.

Get to know Dave Swain

Agricultural Systems - Professor Dave Swain

A Research Higher Degree in agricultural systems at CQUniversity enables you to become an expert in a particular field and really develop your skills so they can be applied in an industry context or through an academic career path.

We’re considered world leaders in using technology to enhance livestock production, so you won’t get a better place to get day-to-day, hands-on experience with industry while learning from researchers who are really on top of their game.