At CQUniversity we pride ourselves not only on delivering outstanding research outcomes, but on welcoming students to be a part of a research community where you can share in knowledge, techniques, skills and experience.

At CQUni the support offered by our supervisors is second-to-none, meaning you won’t be alone on your research journey but will have strong guidance to help you develop and achieve success. Be inspired and discover the stories of just some of the world-class researchers and students involved in our Research Higher Degree program.

Get to know Colin Cole

Railway engineering, smart systems and the Internet of Things – Colin Cole

It’s really the new challenges offered by research that I enjoy most – the thrill of the chase, the possibility to invent and improve something.

CQUniversity’s research in railway engineering is regarded as above world-class and we are known for our excellent research in train, railway vehicle and traction dynamics and simulation. Our research, since the mid 1990’s, has continued to open new frontiers and opportunities with new concepts and innovations in simulation, condition monitoring and product developments.

Get to know Aaron Scanlan

Exercise and Sports Science – Aaron Scanlan

After following my passion for sport and completing an undergraduate degree in Human Movement Science, I pursued a career in research, undertaking an honours degree and PhD focusing on sport science.

Research in exercise and sport sciences at CQUniversity is very practical; the outcomes have real impact, which can improve practice, health and performance in various populations. We are making great advances in the application of existing and novel player monitoring techniques in team sports. We are also exploring the influence of other factors related to competition scheduling, lifestyle behaviours, training structure, and recovery approaches on athlete responses.

Get to know Kerry Reid

Nursing Workforce, Education and Health-Service Delivery – Kerry Reid-Searl

The best thing about doing research in Nursing Workforce, Education and Health-Service Delivery at CQUniversity is the high-calibre staff. From the start, you’ll get the sense that everyone working with and supporting you is offering the greatest opportunity for personal success.

CQUniversity has allowed me to be creative and innovative in my approach to nursing education.

With a strong research reputation in innovative teaching practices, simulation, mental health and patient safety, I believe that undertaking a RHD at CQUniversity offers you that extra edge which has the potential of opening doors in your career pathway.

Get to know Corneel Vandelanotte

Health behaviours, psychology and health promotion – Corneel Vandelanotte

This is going to sound cliché, but I chose CQUniversity for its people. CQUni has always been very supportive of my research endeavours and has treated me very well.

It’s great to be able to work with some of the most passionate and knowledgeable experts in their field, covering a range of different topic areas with demonstrated significance and relevance to health and wellbeing.

Students will be collaborating within teams of world-renowned researchers. This means they will be conducting innovative research at the cutting edge which will provide them with the best possible start to their own careers.

Get to know Nicholas Anderson

Agricultural Systems – Nicholas Anderson

I worked on a mango farm during my first-year visa trying to figure out how best to forecast mango harvest maturity. I never suspected for a moment that it might become my career path, but that’s exactly what happened.

CQUniversity sets itself apart from other universities by attempting to implement methodologies or technologies developed by our research immediately.

Get to know Bruce Knight

Learning, Equity, Access and Participation – Bruce Knight

Throughout my career, I’ve been involved in identifying, programming for and teaching students with special needs (including gifted students).

CQUniversity undertakes high impact applied research that leads to sustainable benefits in the education and employment arenas for people from diverse backgrounds.