At CQUniversity we pride ourselves not only on delivering outstanding research outcomes, but on welcoming students to be a part of a research community where you can share in knowledge, techniques, skills and experience.

At CQUni the support offered by our supervisors is second-to-none, meaning you won’t be alone on your research journey but will have strong guidance to help you develop and achieve success. Be inspired and discover the stories of just some of the world-class researchers and students involved in our Research Higher Degree program.

Get to know Linda Colley

Employment Relations – Linda Colley

I was a slow starter on my education journey, leaving school at 15 years of age, and gradually completing my senior studies and several degrees at night, before starting my PhD. I realised early in my life that I was interested in social justice issues, and particularly in fairness and equity at work. The public service provided me with opportunities to pursue these values.

CQUni is developing strength in the employment relations field. We have active researchers across a few campuses and we are quite diverse in our focus, from gender equality, to positive psychology, high performance work systems, HRM innovation, recruitment and performance issues, and industrial relations issues such as regulation, wages, unions and industrial disputes.

Get to know Liz Ellison

Creative Writing (biography, memoir and life/food writing) – Liz Ellison

Studying creative writing allows you to play with different platforms, different formats, and different genres in a way that’s really exciting and unique. It also provides pathways beyond the traditional idea of an author as our writing industries continue to expand and diversify.

As a university, we understand that research students in creative arts have distinctly varied backgrounds, experiences, and goals when they start studying. Because of this, we are highly adaptive to the needs of each student’s journey.

With leading experts in the fields of creative writing and creative practice methodologies, particularly in non-fiction and life-writing, CQUni is continuing to expand and grow its research strengths in this area.

Get to know Sally Ferguson

Non-standard work hours – impacts for health and performance – Sally Ferguson

Non-standard hours are becoming more common and work affects all aspects of life. Our work is all about reducing the negative impacts and optimising the positive.

CQUniversity is an engaged university that values applied research and partnerships with communities/industry. We have an awesome team of enthusiastic and engaged researchers, including PhD students, who want to answer questions that matter to workers.

CQUni’s Appleton Institute – which houses one of the largest sleep research facilities in the world – has some of the leading researchers in the world in their fields. We have leading experts in sleep and circadian rhythm research, fatigue risk management, human factors and safety science.

Get to know Steven Moore

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/drones) – Steven Moore

I was lead investigator on NASA-funded studies on the effects of long-duration space flight on neurological function. This culminated in a seven-year investigation of the effects of extended weightlessness on the ability of astronauts to operate complex machinery after six months aboard the International Space Station.

Drones are a relatively new phenomenon and CQUni is a leading player in developing drone-based solutions to solve issues exacerbated by remoteness. The drone program at CQUniversity is a collaborative effort across several disciplines, including railway engineering, intelligent systems, horticulture and livestock management.

Taking on a research higher degree in our drone program provides a challenging, hands-on experience, with the satisfaction of making a real impact in regional and remote areas.

Get to know Linda Pfeiffer

STEM and STEAM Education – Linda Pfeiffer

Why do so many people find science boring? Why is it so hard to ignite the fire inside a 14-year-old but not an eight-year-old? How can science be taught in an engaging and meaningful way at all levels?

There’s a critical shortage of students studying STEM courses across Australia, yet over 75% of jobs now require STEM skills. A curriculum that is STEM-based has real-life situations to help the student learn.

CQUniversity is emerging in this field. Research in STEM education is evolving and staff at CQUniversity are researching on a number of projects. CQUniversity provides a lot of support for RHD students. There is a vast array of expertise and experience, as well as flexibility.

Get to know Trudy Dwyer

Health workforce development – Trudy Dwyer

One-in-10 people will experience some harm when they come into contact with health care. Of these, fifty percent are anticipated to be preventable. Workforce contributes to these statistics; understanding why and how will ultimately contribute to a safer and more efficient health care service, as well as the quality of care delivered and received.

My research is all about the delivery of quality and safe health care, and workforce development is part of this equation. We have been very successful – because of our strong and well-established industry connections – in securing collaborative CQUni-industry research funding. This says a lot.