Agricultural Supply Chains - Imran Ali

Researcher Imran Ali

My Agricultural Supply Chain Research Has Lead Me to Work With the United Nations

Agricultural supply chains – Imran Ali

Personal Experience

I have a rich experience of working within the agriculture sector, focusing on-farm productivity and managing agricultural supply chains. After completing my Bachelor of Agriculture, I started my professional career as an agricultural researcher at a large government research institute in 2003, where I closely worked with growers helping to enhance farm productivity.

In 2008, I realised there was a gap for research on agricultural supply chains. That is, that the goals of productivity and performance could not be achieved without efficient agricultural supply chains. With the aim to improve competitiveness in the sector, I obtained my Masters in 2010 and then my PhD in Supply Chain Management in 2017.  Subsequently, I have started work to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of agricultural supply chains.

Research at CQUniversity: Agricultural Supply Chains

Given the fast-growing global population and rising pressure for sustainable food supply, global economies are seeking highly competitive agricultural supply chains. While a substantial amount of research has been conducted to increase the yield of different commodities (on-farm production), little attention has been paid to dealing with challenges faced by agricultural supply chains. This gap calls an immediate attention of scholars for further investigation on the topic.

Moreover, the Australian Government Strategic Research Priorities (food – optimise productivity and performance of agri-food supply chains) and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals also stress the need for research on agricultural supply chains.

CQUniversity offers a great opportunity for Research Higher Degree (RHD) candidates to study topics related to agricultural supply chains, alongside researchers that have an established track record and rich experience. This is a research field that will enable students to develop expertise that can be applied in a variety of industry or academic career paths.

CQUniversity is a partner in the Queensland Government’s Regional Economics Centre of Excellence and with its campuses in regional areas, the university is known for a close collaboration with agriculture sectors and regional economies.

Current Research Projects

Currently, I am working on several challenges in agricultural supply chains, such as collaboration, sustainability, digitisation (Industry 4.0), and climate change.

I have also been publishing my research on agriculture and agri-food supply chains. In the past, I have concentrated on the Australian citrus supply chain, however, I am currently expanding the scope of research to supply chains for other commodities, such as macadamia nuts, lychees, avocados and mangoes.

Research Career Highlights

My career highlight to date has been working in a team of experts to successfully complete four major projects in collaboration with national and international organisations, such as the United Nations Development Programme. In addition, my research has been acknowledged by receiving the Best Proceedings Paper from the Academy of Management (2019 Conference Proceedings), the Honorarium Award from the Soil Fertility Research Institute (Government of Punjab, Pakistan), and the Best Performance Award from Agrileeds Pty Ltd (Lahore, Pakistan).