Quality health outcomes, patient & employee safety - Clare Harvey

Researcher Clare Harvey

My Passion is to Advice Professional Practice and Support Better Patient Outcomes

Quality health outcomes, patient & employee safety – Clare Harvey

Personal Experience

I have been a nurse for 42 years and worked in four different countries. During this time, I have worked in several different positions including clinical, management, teaching and research.

My clinical practice has been across diverse areas from primary health care to cardio thoracic intensive care and trauma/critical care, but my passion is in developing the nursing workforce to provide better access to care and equity in care.

I have always had an interest in research. Throughout my career, regardless of the job I was in, I have sought out new ideas to improve practice. After commencing my formal research with my PhD, and I have not looked back. I love the work.

Research at CQUniversity: Quality Health Outcomes, Patient and Employee Safety

Nursing standards of practice are based on evidence-based practice. My passion/goal is to take this to the next level and have workforce leaders with doctoral qualifications so they can actively contribute to up to date research and be informed by it. This is the way we can make change and provide better foundations for good practice, which of course supports better patient outcomes. The research is then directly informed by practice, whilst it in turn informs practice.

I have been involved with developing advanced practice nurses since 1998 and I love mentoring nurses to advance their skills and to improve their practice. I believe my nursing career provides a rich background for teaching and learning, and my role as associate professor gives me scope to encourage, guide and support emerging advanced practice clinicians and academics.

CQUniversity’s RHD system is the best I have experienced. There is good background support, good financial support and good preparation for Certificates of Confidentiality. Some of the misconceptions about research in industry is that the universities have lost sight of reality. I have never had that perception of CQUniversity when I have been out in industry. We’re given the opportunity to engage with industry and I believe we have a good reputation with our industry partners.

I am largely a ‘country gal’, so I like CQUniversity’s approach to looking after and supporting people in regional areas. I also appreciate the trust that was given to me in developing my projects. While some universities want to see research outputs quickly, CQUni gave me the space to get things going.

Current Research Projects

My research is geared to supporting and enhancing better practice with nurses to support better patient outcomes.

I also have several projects underway, the main three being the evaluation of the nurse navigator role in Queensland and in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. This project is evaluating service, profession and patient outcomes over a two-year period by using a Theory of Change framework. Linked to this is workforce resilience in which we are looking at how nurses cope with extended care roles. Also linked to workforce, is my research with RANCARE, a European funded consortium of researchers from 28 countries exploring missed and rationed nursing care as a multi-national and multi-dimensional phenomenon.

Research is a wonderful, motivating and inspiring way to look at the world. I love my job.

Research Career Highlights

As a fifth-generation African, I was raised in rural lands and grew to love primary healthcare and reaching people who find it difficult to access healthcare (for whatever reason). So, the highlight of my career has been to be able to add value to this passion by bringing together research that allows me to provide support to advancing professional practice, whilst assisting nurses to achieve better outcomes for the people they care for.

Teaching and mentoring nurse practitioners in Australia and New Zealand has also been a fulfilling part of my career as a teacher, manager and project officer. These experiences have formed the foundation of my research. I would encourage any nurses with an interest in taking their practice to a new level, to consider a research degree.