At CQUniversity we pride ourselves not only on delivering outstanding research outcomes, but on welcoming students to be a part of a research community where you can share in knowledge, techniques, skills and experience.

At CQUni the support offered by our supervisors is second-to-none, meaning you won’t be alone on your research journey but will have strong guidance to help you develop and achieve success. Be inspired and discover the stories of just some of the world-class researchers and students involved in our Research Higher Degree program.

Research Mohammad Rasul

Clean Energy - Mohammad Rasul

Our clean energy research is internationally recognised as leading research in the area of energy. We have established ourselves as experts in this field through producing high quality publications, attracting significant research funding, creating impact through large number of citations, h-index and other scholarly outcomes that contribute in developing our reputation among the academic community.

Researcher Rob Stanton

Mental Health & Domestic Violence - Rob Stanton

CQUniversity undertakes world-class research across a broad range of health-related fields including mental health. I can work on projects that have impact in the communities we serve, and that gives benefit to real people. That’s one of CQUniversity’s core values, and one of the really great things about being here.

Researcher Clare Harvey

Quality health outcomes, patient & employee safety - Clare Harvey

CQUniversity’s RHD system is the best I have experienced. There is good background support, good financial support and good preparation for Certificates of Confidentiality. Some of the misconceptions about research in industry is that the universities have lost sight of reality. I have never had that perception of CQUniversity when I have been out in industry. We’re given the opportunity to engage with industry and I believe we have a good reputation with our industry partners.

Researcher Imran Ali

Agricultural Supply Chains - Imran Ali

Given the fast-growing global population and rising pressure for sustainable food supply, global economies are seeking highly competitive agricultural supply chains. While a substantial amount of research has been conducted to increase the yield of different commodities (on-farm production), little attention has been paid to dealing with challenges faced by agricultural supply chains. This gap calls an immediate attention of scholars for further investigation on the topic.

Researcher David Turner

Teacher Education - David Turner

Researching what is effective in teacher education means we develop sound understanding of what will result in improved outcomes for teachers and students. The challenges teachers face in schools are becoming more complex and the more insights we can develop from quality research, from how we prepare teachers through to the leadership in schools, the better our schools will be.

Get to know Amy Reynolds

Sleep, biological rhythms and health outcomes – Amy Reynolds

We are a University used to thinking outside the square to make sure research careers are an option for those with the passion to pursue them. We are connected with industry and we do research which has real-world impact.
Our research in this area is multidisciplinary and covers a range of approaches, including experimental and epidemiological research. I think this is one of our strengths – you really can get a big picture from different perspectives.
My research ‘a-ha!’ moment? I was not even remotely interested in research; however, I had an outstanding supervisor who showed me that research could be fascinating and limitless. I am still grateful for the influence she had in my career.