Information and Computing Sciences

Information and Computing Sciences is one of the core disciplines in CQUniversity’s research profile. It is a research priority area for CQUniversity and is a key part of University’s Centre for Intelligent Systems (CIS). The Information and Computing Sciences discipline at CQUniversity has a large number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The research in this FoR is very diverse and it spans from artificial intelligence and image processing (08) to control theory and applied mathematics (01). There are a number of active research groups in this FoR such as artificial intelligence, data mining, distributed systems, information systems, networked control systems, robotics, pattern recognition and time-delay systems, although some of the research is still within emerging research groups. As such, the strength that CQUniversity has within this area is distributed across various four-digit FoR categories. The major research strength in this FoR at CQUniversity is focused in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing (0801).

In the 2018 ERA results, CQUniversity achieved a rating of 3 in both Information and Computing Sciences (FoR 08) and Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing (FoR 0801), which means that research in these areas is rated at world standard.