Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services

The School of Business and Law at CQUniversity hosts the discipline areas relevant to the 15 FOR Code. The School operates in all the main CQUniversity campuses, including those in both regional centres and capital cities, and provides Accounting, Business and other graduates into the business communities in those centres. Given this role and the strength of relationships with those communities, the School has both strategic and practical interests in having a strong research footprint with relevant business interests. While a significant amount of activity is focused on business engagement and professional development, School members also have a long history in business research issues, particularly those relevant to regional areas of Australia. In part, this is because of the importance of business development in sectors such as tourism and mining services, the pressures of structural adjustment in sectors such as agriculture, and the challenges of managing both the benefits and pressures of the resources boom and other cyclical events.

While measures of research output indicate that activity has been limited in some areas, this is in part because School academics have focused more on engagement with business sectors and regional development issues than publishing research in academic forums. Most research that is conducted is more applied than strategic, focusing on delivering practical outcomes to industry and other relevant sectors. As CQUniversity further builds its presence in regional areas, the interface with the different business and industry sectors is expected to grow further. Consistent with this, the emphasis of engagement with business is moving from the more broad-brush regional development issues, largely in intersection with economic research, to more specific focus on management, accountancy and marketing issues at industry or firm scale. The University has made substantial investments into growing the staff profile and research capacity of staff within the School across all of its major locations.

EI2018 – Case Study

Improving Tourism Management and Marketing Using Data from the Tropical North Queensland Tourism Monitoring Project

Management of tourism in regions such as Tropical North Queensland has become increasingly challenging due to the effects of climate change and cumulative visitor impacts on fragile environments. Additionally, low overall visitor growth and changing visitor expectations have posed significant challenges for destination managers, planners and marketers in this region.

The Tropical North Queensland Tourism Monitoring Project is a multi-activity data series that informs tourism development, marketing and management of this vitally important industry for Tropical North Queensland. Outcomes provided by the research have directly resulted in the Queensland Government allocating $2.7 million to develop national park infrastructure in the Whitsunday Islands.

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