Research Strengths

CQUniversity seeks to become one of Australia's most Engaged Universities with an emphasis on globally relevant activity that benefits the Central Queensland region. The invigoration of research as one of the key pillars in CQUniversity's growth has focused on identifying key areas of research specialisation that will benefit the Central Queensland stakeholders. The Vice Chancellor's vision is for CQUniversity to become one of the top twenty institutions in Australia, recognised for its applied research that engages with key stakeholders.

Our focus has been to emphasise research with relevance to the region, involving aspects of regional development, growth in resource industries, environmental management, issues associated with quality health care in rural and regional communities, and education delivery specifically through use of modern technology.

Our research strengths and corresponding research focus are in the following areas:

  • Learning Equity, Access and Participation
  • Healthy Behaviours at Work, Rest and Play
  • Psychology and Well-being
  • Public Health and Health Promotion
    • Sleep and Biological Rhythms
    • Physical Activity
    • Human-Animal Interactions
    • Community and Disaster Resilience
    • Gambling and Addictive Behaviours
    • Health Promotion
    • Human Factors and Safety Science
    • Ageing and Health
  • Creative Arts
  • Economics
  • Management
    • Resource Economics
    • Health Economics
    • Workforce Management
    • Regional Tourism
    • Regional Development
  • Nursing Workforce, Education and Health Service Delivery
  • Mental Health
  • Domestic Violence
    • Health Workforce Development
    • Quality and safety of health and aged care
    • Mental health nursing
    • Lived experience led mental health
    • Domestic and family violence
    • Simulation and innovative education
  • Railway Engineering
  • Smart Systems
  • Clean Engergy
  • Automation
    • Railway Engineering, Technology and Innovation
    • Intelligent Systems
    • Clean Energy
    • Building Forensics and Civil Engineering
    • Mechatronics, automation and mobile technology
    • Engineering and Technology Education
  • Agricultural Systems
    • Agricultural management systems
  • Environmental Systems
    • Environmental monitoring and management
  • Exercise and Sports Science
  • Applied Medical Health
    • Medical and applied physiology
    • Advanced clinical practice

CQUniversity’s renewed and clear focus on where it needs to target its research is already paying off with and in 2015, saw CQUniversity achieve Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) results of ‘at’ , ‘above’ or ‘well above’ world standard in 14 different categories of research including mathematical sciences, applied mathematics, psychological and cognitive services, nursing, medical and health services, agriculture, environmental science, medical and health science, and mechanical engineering. This was the best result for CQUniversity in these rankings, to date.