Medical and Health Sciences

Medical and Health Sciences are essential components of CQUniversity’s research profile. The suite of research activities covers traditional areas of medical science such as pharmacology, molecular biology, microbiology, pathology, biochemistry and immunology with translational research and strengths in cardiovascular and diabetes research, nutrition, mucosal and respiratory infection and vaccine development and molecular-based biodiversity research.  CQUniversity has a strong track record in nursing research, health promotion, population health research, human movement and sports science, occupational health and safety and research into the prevention of family and domestic violence.  The research grouping covers “bench to bedside” research focus.  Thus, the research outputs do not cluster into singular sub-discipline codes within this discipline. The Central Queensland region is characterised as having some of the highest rates of chronic preventable diseases in Australia with the University being uniquely placed to provide real outcomes for the local community.  The research cluster has strong links with Queensland Health and other parts of the health care sector, the pharmaceutical industry and has also developed significant community health-based interventions. 

The performance in Medical and Health Sciences has been achieved, in a large part, due to the strategy that CQUniversity implemented in 2011 to enhance the quantity and quality of its research.  Key elements of this strategy include the appointment of Deputy Dean (Research) positions in each school to provide researchers with leadership and support, the establishment of the Health Collaborative Research Network (CRN) to encourage collaborations with excellent researchers at other universities, and the introduction of an Enterprise Agreement that enables productive researchers to spend up to 70% of their time engaged in research activities, rather than the standard 40.  This has had a positive effect on the publication output in this area.