Education research is essential for CQUniversity. Outputs impact directly the University’s enhanced strategic focus on Engagement, specifically Engaged Research. With this commitment to education research-focussed activities, by 2013 there was a measurable increase in output within FoR 13. Education research outputs met threshold in two of the four digit codes, Education Systems (1301) and Specialist Studies in Education (1303).

A number of factors supported these improvements. Higher Degree Research student numbers in FoR 13 grew substantially over that period which has contributed to outputs as candidates were co-writing with supervisors and publishing their research. Research projects at Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 levels also increased significantly over the period. Successful collaborative Australian Research Council and (then) Australian Learning and Teaching Council (now OLT) projects provided fertile HDR research training while also contributing significantly to the quality and quantity of publications.

The major focus of this education work is in education systems with particular emphasis in three key specialist areas: the professional development of educators for early childhood, schools, universities, and workplaces; educational technologies for delivery, assessment and evaluation of teaching and learning; special, comparative and cross-cultural education experiences.