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Ecology and Management of Central Queensland's Koala Islands

Location: St Bees Island, Brampton Island, Rabbit and Newry islands. The study area is primarily focused on St Bees (20o 55' 14.12", 149o 26' 32.50") and Brampton (20o 48" 34.73", 149o 16' 27.64") Islands in the South Cumberland Islands and Brampton Islands national parks north-east of Mackay in Central Queensland. Secondary study areas have been established on the nearby Rabbit and Newry Islands (20o 51' 24.20", 148o 54' 57.80") north of Mackay and in the Newry Island National Park.

Summary: This long term study commenced in 1998. It is a multidisciplinary research program involving community, universities, state government agencies and international interests. Areas of research interest include: structure and dynamics of koala habitat; koala ranging behaviour, habitat utilisation and diet; demography, population dynamics and social interaction; genetics and disease profiles.

Contacts: CQUniversity: Dr Alistair Melzer (; University of Queensland: Dr William Ellis (, Dr Sean Fitzgibbon (

Managing Central Queensland's Clarke Connors Range Koalas

Contacts: CQUniversity: Dr Alistair Melzer (

Central Queensland's Koala

Contacts: CQUniversity: Dr Alistair Melzer (

Central Queensland Council's Koala Recovery Plans

Location: All Councils within Central Queensland with koala habitat.

Contacts: CQUniversity: Dr Alistair Melzer (