Alexandra van Beek

Alexandra van Beek

Alexandra van Beek is a PhD candidate and works part-time as a research worker with CIHER. She completed a bachelor's degree in social geography at James Cook University in the early 90s, after which she left to explore the wide world. After 15 years of being grounded in the reality of working in heavy mining processes as one of the few women working long-term in that industry, she eventually found her way back to academia to complete a bachelor of psychological science (1st class honours) in 2016 with CQUniversity. Her PhD is focused on building a systems-level understanding of the interacting factors and structures underlying research impact in community-based participatory research. Her academic passion lies in applied systems thinking and research impact. Her good fortune lies in having the support of Prof. Janya McCalman and Prof. Roxanne Bainbridge as her supervisory team and Dr Tessa Benveniste and Mrs Erika Langham as her unofficial mentors for her PhD journey.

Joel Johnson

Joel Johnson is a PhD student working closely with Dr Mani Naiker. Mr Johnson focuses on functional foods (foods that provide health and nutritional benefits) and their bioactive compounds. He is also interested in studying the chemical basis behind traditional Australian medicinal plants utilised by Indigenous people.

Robyn Preston

Dr Robyn Preston

Robyn's teaching focuses on engaging future health professionals in partnership with the most marginalised members of their communities. She specialises in health promotion, community engagement and research methods. She is a public health-focused social scientist with research interests in health services and health professions education. She has three interlinked research areas: 1) Access to health services for under-served communities (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, refugees; rural and remote peoples); 2) Socially Accountable Health Professional Education; and 3) Health Promotion in the tropics. The development of these research areas is also linked to her teaching, service and engagement. She is a health promotion and community development practitioner with international and Australian experience. Robyn's service roles combine her local interest in health promotion/public health and national and international focus on socially accountable health professions education and health services development. Robyn is recognised internationally for her expertise in socially accountable health professions education and locally for connecting community groups and health promotion professionals with the CQUniversity.

Stephen Haines Photo

Stephen Haines

Stephen is a credentialed senior mental health nurse and nurse researcher with a strong commitment to recovery-oriented and trauma-informed care. Stephen is currently working in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences and completing his PhD with CQUniversity.

Wendy Turner

Wendy Turner

Wendy Turner is a Registered Nurse with a background in remote area nursing and a passion for Indigenous health. Wendy has spent many years in communities working and living closely with Aboriginal people, mainly in Arnhem Land NT, as well as WA and QLD. She has worked alongside and been educated by Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners for many years. She believes Indigenous Health workers are central to Primary Health Care in the community, and Wendy's goal is to ensure training and recruitment are increased, so their valuable work continues.

Amy Byrnes

Amy Byrne

Amy Byrne is a passionate nurse lecturer and research officer with CQUniversity. Amy has a background in emergency nursing, rural and remote health, management and workforce development. Amy's time in a remote community in South West Queensland drove home the disparity of health access, wellness and outcomes, leading to a profound interest in the challenges faced by those living in remote locations. Amy is currently completing her Doctorate of Philosophy around the concept of Person-centred care within the nurse-led nurse navigator service. Amy's research interests include First Nations people's health well-being and equity, workforce development, resilience, critical discourse analysis, chronic disease, health service research and disparity of power in health care.