International Consortium for Occupational Resilience (ICOR)

Laura Breen, Clare Reese, Mozhdeh Tahghighi and Janie Brown
From left to right: Lauren Breen, Clares Rees, Mozhdeh Tahghighi and Janie Brown on Mozhdehs graduation day.

ICOR is an international research consortium, with the primary objective to advance the understanding of factors impacting on occupational resilience within multiple occupational groups. These occupational groups include but are not limited to, health care workers (nurses, midwives, doctors, allied health, administrative and operational staff), teachers and first-responders.

Empirical research studies are being conducted by researchers from multiple universities across Australia and internationally. The consortium is led by Professor Desley Hegney at CQUniversity and Professor Clare Rees at Curtin University.

On 19 June 2018, CQUniversity held its inaugural Building Occupational Resilience Forum. The aim of the forum was to bring together researchers, clinicians and industry who have an interest in maximising the well-being and resilience of workers/employees. The forum included an update on research from three of the International Consortium for Occupational Resilience (ICOR) researchers working in the area of workplace wellbeing.

The Presenters:
Desley Hegney
Christopher Crawford
Paula Brough
Sally Ferguson

Read more about the forum in the CQUniNEWS article

Feedback from participants:

'Loved the discussion on mindfulness and information re importance of sleep.'

'The presenters were amazing and had a lot to offer. I am going away with great tools to use in the workplace.'

'The occupational resilience concept offers a good starting point for integration of wellbeing.'

If you are interested in finding out more about the consortium and the work we do, please contact Dr Desley Hegney.

In 2014, the International Collaboration of Workplace Resilience (ICWR1) was formed.  The aim of this international research collaboration was to advance the understanding of factors impacting the workplace resilience of nurses and midwives. Being able to advance knowledge in this area has provided essential information for the development of interventions based on theory and empirical data.

The International Collaboration of Workplace Resilience- ICWR-1 was very successful, resulting in 11 peer-reviewed publications, multiple grant incomes and conference presentations in just three years. This has now promoted the next phase of work which is expanding this research to further occupational groups.

Executive Committee

Professor Desley Hegney

Professor Clare Rees, School of Psychology and speech Pathology, Curtin University

Professor Bruce Knight

Dr Shirley Siu-yin Ching, School of Nursing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Kin Cheung, School of Nursing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Regina Witt, UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)


Associate Professor Lynette Cusack, Adelaide Nursing School, The University of Adelaide.

Associate Professor Clare Harvey

Christopher Crawford

Associate Professor Diane Chamberlain, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University

Professor Kerry Reid - Searl

Professor Moira Williamson

Professor Sally Ferguson

Professor Jenni Judd

Associate Professor Lauren Breen , School of Psychology and Speech Pathology, Curtin University

Dr. Mark Craigie, Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice

Dr. Brody Heritage, School of Psychology and Exercise Science, Murdoch University

Dr. Susan Slatyer, Research Fellow, School Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine, Curtin University and Centre for Nursing Research, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Dr. Janie Brown, School Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine, Curtin University

Dr. Adele Baldwin

Ms Michelle Fenech

Mrs Tanya Capper

Kari Arbouin

Amy Byrne

Rebecca Osseiran-Moisson

Sandy McLellan

Samantha Jakimowicz

Karen Klockner

Danielle Every

Tracy Levett-Jones

Dr. Helen Donovan

Amy Finlay-Jones


Mozhdeh Tahghighi – PhD candidate (Curtin University)

Thesis title: Resilience in nurses working shift work in Australia

James Clarke, Curtin University

Alannah Cooper – MPhil candidate (Curtin University)

Thesis title: Exploring Resilience in Western Australian Nurses and Midwives Working in a Faith Based Organisation: A Mixed Methods Study

The objectives of the Consortium are to:

  1. Provide evidence to employees, employers, industrial organisations, higher education providers and other key stakeholders on the factors that impact on occupational resilience.
  2. Undertake testing and refinement of the HSWERM model’s applicability in nursing and other disciplines.
  3. Undertake psychometric testing of the STARS and SPNWE tools in nursing and other environments.
  4. Evaluate the Mindful Self-Care Resiliency (MSCR) program and the associated Train-the-Trainer program for acceptability, feasibility, effectiveness and sustainability.
  5. Provide a cost benefit analysis of the factors impacting on the ability of employees to build and maintain resilience within the occupational environment.

Current Partners

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth

Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service (CQHHS), Queensland

Bushfire CRC

CRC for Rail Innovation



Qld Health

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Organisations in rail, aviation, mining, maritime, primary industries

Previous Partners

South-West Hospital and Health Services (SWHHS), Queensland

Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

National University Hospital, Singapore

Nipissing University, Canada

University of Southern Queensland

Charles Sturt University

Flinders University

Contact Details

International Collaboration for Occupational Resilience (ICOR)

160 Ann Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia

Dr Desley Hegney. RN, BA (Hons) PhD
Professorial Research Fellow
Research Division
Phone: +61 (07) 3023 4286

Prof Clare Rees (Deputy Consortium Lead)
Phone: +61 (08) 9266 3442


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