Tourism Development

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The Tourism Development research theme possesses a strong track record in sustainable tourism research.  Our work includes collaborative research across CQUniversity, within Australia and internationally, and aligns with the needs of our stakeholders which include communities, the tourism industry, and the tourism research community.  Our research is both theoretical and applied and adopts a quadruple bottom line methodology based on the view that tourism development has environmental, economic, community (social) and governance impacts.  We strive to ensure that our research enriches the communities in which we work, with much of our researcher’s work stemming from genuine community need.  Our research includes regular and long-term monitoring of tourism and community through survey work, which allows us to build and test a range of theoretical models and frameworks.  Our engagement strategies also ensure that research findings can be disseminated to the public and industry partners.

Our current research focus areas include:

  • Sustainable destinations in a time of disruptive change
  • Strengthening regional areas through tourism
  • Tourism in a low-carbon economy

Key capabilities include:

  • Regional tourism demand analysis
  • Health and well-being impact analysis
  • Market and economic integration analysis
Bruce Prideaux

Theme Leader - Professor Bruce Prideaux

Professor Bruce Prideaux is the course co-Ordinator of the Masters of Sustainable Tourism Management at CQU. Bruce’s research interests include climate change, the impacts of the transition to a carbon-neutral economy on tourism, crisis and disaster management, tourism transport, regional tourism development, rural tourism and sustainable tourism.

Bruce's latest projects include a book on tourism models and theories and an edited book on tourism in agricultural areas.  Bruce has published 120 referred papers, 85 book chapters and 11 books.

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Significant Projects

Valuing Drive Tourism in Queensland from an Economic and Social Perspective

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor Bruce Prideaux

Agritourism development in the Whitsundays region

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Michelle Thompson

Port Douglas and Daintree Visitor Survey 2019-2020

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Michelle Thompson

The road less travelled - Opening the door to the leisure travel experience for people living with dementia

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Maria O'Reilly

Research tourism surveys: Visitors' perceptions of crowding in Whitsundays tourism locations

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor Bruce Prideaux

Regional perceptions of the GBR post bleaching

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor Bruce Prideaux

Cultural Sector in Cairns - Airport Survey

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor Bruce Prideaux

Port Douglas and Daintree Visitor Survey (2018-2019)

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor Bruce Prideaux

Research Higher Degree Activities

Under Development



Irina Pavlyuk

The relationship between internal communication and team performance in event management at Australian hotels. (Dr Anja Pabel & Prof Bruce Prideaux)

Terrence Cummins

Defining Inclusive Education Varied Interpretations of Inclusion Across State Schools in Queensland. (Dr Anja Pabel & Prof Bruce Prideaux)

Joann Schmider

Collecting, cognitioning and capitalising local cultural knowledge for tourism: a Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area Rainforest Aboriginal peoples' study. (Prof Adrian Miller, Prof Bronwyn Fredericks & Prof Bruce Prideaux)

Jacobus Vorster

Exploring a millennial's meaningful work beliefs: A hospitality context. (Prof Bruce Prideaux & A/Prof Linda Colley)

Kulasingam Kularadhan

Impact of Urban Designs on Behaviour of Local and Visitor Population - A study of Yeppoon, Queensland. (Prof Bruce Prideaux, Dr Jan Lewis & Dr Michelle Thompson)

Ashley Cooper

"The `Not So Off Beaten Track’: Film as a medium for positive environmental sustainability in remote destinations in the adventure tourism sector. (Prof Bruce Prideaux & Dr Michelle Thompson)

Sarah Jane Warne

A Realist Approach to Assessing Pro-Poor Benefits from Tourism In Developing Communities. (Prof Bruce Prideaux & Dr Michelle Thompson)

Andrew Sivijs

Knowledge management and transfer as a determinant of the longer-term success of regional tourism festivals and events. (Prof Bruce Prideaux & Dr Michelle Thompson)

Heidi Hodge

Health Research and Education Ventures in Small Rural Communities. (Prof Bruce Prideaux, Prof Dean Carson & Dr Michelle Thompson)

Justin Gladman

How can health services adapt to engage with young males aged between 15-29 years of age residing in sparsely populated rural or remote communities? (Prof Bruce Prideaux)

Jodie Watson

Managing tourism impacts and tourism expectations in last chance tourism destinations shaped by community resilience. (Dr En Li & Dr Kylie Radel)


Professor Bruce Prideaux