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The vision of the Regional and Rural Economies research theme is to improve analysis and decisions around resource and sustainability issues in regional and rural areas using economic frameworks. A key focus is to apply economic analysis to primary and resource sectors in northern Australia, including the Great Barrier Reef region, to improve decision-making about development and sustainability. This research theme focuses on the intersection between resource activity and regional development, and works to generate new information and understanding about developing and managing resources for best regional outcomes, the need to protect natural resources from development pressures, and the importance of human capital and entrepreneurial thinking in regional communities, business and industries. CRESC seeks to engage closely with major stakeholders relating to resource and sustainability issues across northern Australia.

Key areas of research and activities include:

  • Valuing environmental assets and improvements
  • Economics of water quality improvements
  • Agricultural economics
  • Valuing recreation
  • Benefit transfer
  • Regional development
  • Economic and social impact assessment
  • Environmental monitoring and report cards
  • Great Barrier Reef

Key capabilities include:

  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Bioeconomic modelling
  • Nonmarket valuation
  • Policy assessment
John Rolfe


Professor John Rolfe is a resource economist who is Professor of Regional Economic Development in the School of Business and Law at CQUniversity at Rockhampton, and a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. Professor Rolfe has a number of research interests, but specialises in non-market valuation, regional development, environmental, resource and agricultural economic issues, agricultural adoption, and economic impact assessment in regional areas. He co-edited two important reference books on the topic of non-market valuation and benefit transfer in 2006 and 2015 and has published in a number of discipline areas outside his core skills in Applied Economics, including agricultural management, environmental reporting, impact assessment, and regional development.

Professor Rolfe has extensive practical and policy experience on the intersection of agricultural and environmental issues in northern Australia, with a focus on economic analysis. At an academic level his key impacts are largely in the development and application of non-market valuation techniques, particularly choice modelling, and the transfer of those values to different case study settings. At a policy level, he has had a major role in applying economic analysis to key issues in regional development, agricultural development and resource protection, with a particular emphasis on dealing with agricultural water quality issues into the Great Barrier Reef.

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Hierarchy to high-performance? Evaluating 30yrs of Senior Executive Service

Lead Chief Investigator - A/Professor Linda Colley

Mud crab indicator for the 2020 Gladstone Harbour Report Card

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Nicole Flint

Development of Fish Health Indicators for the 2021 Gladstone Healthy Harbour Report Card

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Nicole Flint

Economic Impact of not dredging the Port of Bundaberg and the Port of Rockhampton for sustainable sediment management

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor John Rolfe

Evaluating Project Pioneer

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor John Rolfe

Cost benefit analysis for adoption of technologies that improves quality of life for elderly people living in their own home within the RDA-FCW region

Lead Chief Investigator - A/Professor Delwar Akbar

Regional Export Distribution Centre

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Galina Williams

Generation of indicator scores and grades for Cultural Component

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Jeremy De Valck

Gladstone Health Harbour Partnership (GHHP) Scope of Works for Project ISP005-2019: Social, Cultural and Economic indicator scores and grades for the Gladstone health Harbour Partnership Report Card

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Jeremy De Valck

Developing mud crab indicators for the Gladstone Harbour Report Card

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Nicole Flint

Development of fish health indicators for the 2020 Gladstone Harbour Report Card

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Nicole Flint

RDA Regional Road Map Review 2016

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor Bruce Prideaux

Innovation in Grazing Management

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor John Rolfe

Research and Assessment of the Economic Impact of Not Dredging the Port of Gladstone (POG) for Sustainable Sediment Management (SSM)

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor John Rolfe

Economic drivers of Central and Western QLD and Inland Rail to Gladstone

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor John Rolfe

Community Perception: A Survey of Gladstone Industry

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor Julian Teicher

Accelerating Innovation to application of compost and compost technologies in the Great Barrier Reef Catchments

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor Kerry Walsh




Md. Zillur Rahman

Social, Economic and Environmental Dimensions of Affordable Housing in Australia Regional Towns: An Application of Geographic Information Systems. (A/Prof Delwar Akbar & Prof John Rolfe)

David Cowley

Understanding Local Government Leadership in Regional Queensland.  A Case Study Approach. (Prof Julian Teicher, A/Prof Linda Colley & Imam Tasadduq)

Michael Vail

Sustainable valuation of pastoral zone grazing land: A new method: value, price, and the premium (Queensland: 1966-2016). (Dr Azad Rahman, A/Prof Delwar Akbar & A/Prof Garrick Small)

Karla Steen

Pathways and Experiences of Women on Government Boards - a Regional Queensland Perspective. (Prof Julian Teicher, A/Prof Linda Colley)

James Thomas

Evaluation of Historical Capital Gains in Australian Cropping Land: Northwest New South Wales Study Region. (A/Prof Delwar Akbar & A/Prof Garrick Small)

Jaba Rani Sarker

An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Practicing Climate Smart Agriculture by Rice Producers in Bangladesh. (Dr Jayanath Ananda & Prof John Rolfe)

Ivan Lozano Mendez

Understanding the Experiences of Temporary Work Migrants in Australia. (A/Prof Linda Colley & Dr Sardana Khan)

Shibli Rubayat Islam

Socio-Economic Contribution of Foreign Direct Investments in the Export Processing Zones and Economic Zones of Bangladesh. (Dr Jayanath Ananda, Dr Quamrul Alam & S M Mahfuzur Rahman)

Carmel Marshall

In-home Out-back: recruitment, retention, and support of the in-home care workforce in remote-rural Australia. (Dr Ashlyn Sahay & Prof Dean Carson)

Jonathan Repine

The impact of centralisation/ amalgamation on collaboration and competition practices within the healthcare sector in remote communities in Queensland. (Prof Dean Carson & A/Prof Olav Muurlink)

Wendy Leegel

ICT Contingency worker conundrum: A critical path commodity but are they devalued by leadership culture and organisational socialisation design. (Dr Biplob Ray, A/Prof Linda Colley & Dr Sardana Khan)


Professor John Rolfe

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