Teaching Programs

The Appleton Institute staff are involved in teaching specialised Masters and Graduate Diploma Courses in Safety Science, Rail Safety Management, and a Graduate Certificate course in Fatigue Risk Management. Click on the links below for more information on each:

  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Safety Science
  • Graduate Diploma of Safety Science (Specialisation)

Safety Science/Human Factors at CQUni is an applied science based in psychology with cross-disciplinary influences from engineering, ergonomics, management and industrial design.

The Postgraduate Safety Science program is designed to:

  • Create leaders in Safety
  • Upgrade safety professionals' qualifications
  • Develop professional safety networks
  • Meet the needs of people working full time
  • Graduate Diploma of Rail Safety Management
  • Master of Rail Safety Management

The Master of Rail Safety Management is a postgraduate degree program that aims to develop a sophisticated set of skills and knowledge that provides the basis for leadership in rail safety management. The program is designed for, but not exclusive to, people currently working in the rail industry. The courses are run by online study and provide a mixture of staff guided online-learning and face-to-face interactions. Students in the program learn about human factors, occupational hygiene, safety management, risk management, rail regulation and legislation. At the Masters stage, students conduct research projects under the guidance of one of the research staff at the university.

The Graduate Certificate in Fatigue Risk Management is designed to enable you to develop a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge relating to managing the risks associated with fatigue.
The program is designed for, but not exclusive to, people currently working in the industry. The program is available to study part-time and by online study and will provide a mix of guided online learning and face-to-face interactions. During the program, you will learn about human factors, risk management, and fatigue risk management.

The Appleton Academic Team

The Safety Science, Rail Safety and Fatigue Risk Management courses are taught by a group of researchers and academics with extensive experience in areas such as Occupational Health and Safety, Human Factors and Safety Management Systems, Applied Psychology, and Industrial Fatigue Risk Management.

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