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Manufacturing safety for supervisors


The Manufacturing Safety for Supervisors project aimed to develop a cross-platform open-access training package to provide practical information, skills and insights into some of the more prominent safety issues facing supervisors in today's workplace.

The package includes:

  • An online platform (ie. the website you are looking at right now) including the video content
  • A workbook
  • A series of workshops, presented by the project team

The package covers a variety of topics including legislative responsibilities for supervisors, influencing safe work behaviour for employees and personal development. The overall aim is for you to implement some of what you will learn here to improve workplace safety through better understanding, communication and planning practices which will in turn make your job easier, safer and more enjoyable.

We have separated the content into 6 learning modules, each covering very different safety issues. Each module aims to give you some insight into how you can manage these safety issues your own way. No safety program can provide the answer to fix every problem, but we can give you some tools which you may not have considered using previously.

Module 1:         Legislative responsibility and safety
Module 2:         Managing injured workers
Module 3:         Influencing safe work behaviour
Module 4:         Time, productivity and safety
Module 5:         Team leaders
Module 6:         Working with management & personal training    

Supervising can be a complex job, with many dynamic factors influencing safety, productivity and general management on a day-to-day basis. This can make managing safety very difficult. By giving you an overview of some of the more prominent safety issues will be able to find solutions to everyday problems that are more effective, while maintaining high levels of safety and productivity.


This project was supported by a Safework SA Work Health and Safety Innovative Practice Grant in June-November 2013. 

We also thank Seeley International, SMR Automotive and Bradken for their participation in the project, and their supervisors and factory personnel for taking part in the interviews, video and photography. In particular we would like to thank Danielle Every, Trevor Paynter, Mark Lumbert and Bojko Paunkov.

Project Team

Interviews/Workbook content
Jared Grunwald - Appleton Institute, CQUniversity

Workbook/Still Photos/Online version/DVD Cover
Dr. Stuart Baulk - Appleton Institute, CQUniversity

Video/Editing/DVD Production
Nigel Koop - Highly Effective Video

Project Management
Dr. Chris Bearman - Appleton Institute, CQUniversity

For more information on the DVD, workbook and their content, please contact Dr. Chris Bearman at