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Asylum destination project

We are researching people's decisions about where to seek asylum.

We are interested in these decisions because there are a lot of myths about why people choose Australia. We'd like to speak with refugees about:

  • How, when and why Australia was chosen as the destination
  • What information people have about Australia before they arrive here

Getting accurate information from research projects like this one can help us change the myths about
asylum seeking.

Our discussions are anonymous and confidential. We do not collect names, or any other identifying information.

The researchers have received funding from the Department of Immigration to do this research. However, no one from the Dept, or anyone else, can access any information that we collect.

You can download the information sheet for the study below, in 4 different languages:

Please contact Dr. Danielle Every for more details:

Central Queensland University – Adelaide Campus
44 Greenhill Road, Wayville, 5034

Tel:          +61 8 8378 4521t